A gold amethyst ring can be an excellent piece of jewelry

Posted by AngeloEverton on March 29th, 2012

 Jewelry can undoubtedly be the best gift for a woman. Today, the uniquely designed ornaments are indeed a treasured possession for not just women but also men. This is particularly true when it comes to the rings. While a gold ring itself can be enticing enough for most, a stone studded on the gold ring can make it excessively attractive. Diamond can be the best- ever stone that has always been successful in adding to the enthralling quotient of the gold rings. However, a diamond might often seem to be too costly. Moreover, there are other precious stones that can make the ring as beautiful as when it is implanted with a diamond. Amethyst can be considered a pre- dominant one among them. A gold amethyst ring or a white gold amethyst ring has a charm that can surely make you go spell bound.

Amethyst, as an essential form of quartz, gels very well with gold. The stone is usually made up of iron impurities and trace minerals. Amethyst appears in a typical violet that is bright and soothing to the eyes at the same time. While a gold amethyst ring exhibits a contrast of the yellow gold and violet, a white gold amethyst ring entails a combination of gold, silver and palladium. Finely coated with a thin sheet of rhodium, the latter variety of amethyst ring is shiny and this often makes them resemble platinum. The blend of gold and violet is certainly eye- catching though a little predictable. However, the combination of white and violet is awfully striking and unconventionally beautiful. Both the designs are too alluring to be avoided by anyone.

An amethyst can be available in other colors as well and needless to say, they are equally stunning. You might get to see a green amethyst, which is usually made out of heating an amethyst and are also known as lime citrine. Again, one might go for a yellow amethyst that can be created with the same process. Earlier, amethyst used to be one of the most precious stones that could be equated with diamonds and rubies. An eventual discovery of a considerable amount of amethyst deposits led to a fall in the value of the same. However, it is by virtue of a gold amethyst ring or a white gold amethyst ring that the amethyst has once again been in demand. The amethyst rings turn out to be excellent pieces of jewelry.

Perhaps the best thing about a gold amethyst ring or a white gold amethyst ring is that they are affordable for most. You must for an authentic online store that ensures high- quality amethyst. You can check out the level of transparency of the stone to verify its quality.

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