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Origin DNA tests - How it helps to search family root?

Posted by dnacenterindia on February 17th, 2020

Origin DNA tests revolutionize the way you want to discover your family history and unlock your deepest origins by comparing your DNA to DNA from archeological excavations. It maps the ethnicity of many generations and also helps identify relationships with unknown parents through a dynamic list of DNA matches.

It is based on testing thousands of samples from populations around the world for DNA markers that can provide clues about your ancestral history.

 When discussing ancestry DNA testing, we often refer to three types of DNA in your cells: autosomal DNA (non-sex chromosomes that make up the complement of your genome and unlock the family story), Y chromosome DNA (used in direct paternal lineage testing), X chromosome DNA and mitochondrial DNA (used in direct maternal lineage testing) - all of which have specific applications that make up the complement of your genome and unlock the family story in our DNA.

 “Everyone has the desire to understand who they are and where they come from”

 There are four different categories of ancestry DNA:

  • DNA Ancestral origin Paternal linage testing: Paternal linage testing is the line that passed from father to son relatively unchanged through many generations. These tests display your haplogroup designation and show your ancestors’ journey.
  • DNA Ancestral origin Maternal linage testing: It is an important type of DNA that is solely passed from mother to child relatively unchanged through several generations.
  • Ancestry DNA Origins: Ancestry origins DNA test is to know more about your deep ancestral roots. This test links you to the remote part of your genealogical pre-history and fills in the gap by giving you the complete picture of your family history.
  • GPS Origins Ancestry Test: It is the only test with bio-geographical targeting capability to pinpoint the origins of your ancestors to the finest degree. In this a new ancestry tracking tool knows as Geographic Population Structure (GPS) is used to discover what countries, cities or islands your ancestors came from.

 DNA test acts as a magic bullet and is helpful for many reasons including:

  • Confirm (or disprove) family relationships
  • Find new branches of your existing ancestors
  • Connect with previously unknown cousins and other close relations in the databases
  • Identify biological relatives (useful where parentage is unknown, e.g. adoptees, donor conceived, foundlings)
  • Reveal your ethnicity/admixture/ ancient origins
  • Learn your direct paternal/maternal line origins
  • Trace your parental/maternal ancestral migration routes
  • Find distant evidence
  • Match genes and surname
  • Solve long-standing research ‘brick walls’

 If you are curious to get a broad picture of your ancestry from a perfect genetic perspective, try origin DNA tests and find your ancestral origin from all over the globe.


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