No more cartridges? A distinct possibility now

Posted by juliabennet on March 30th, 2012

Have you ever calculated how much you spend per month or year on printer cartridges? How would you like to make some significant saving on the cost of printer cartridges? In fact you need no more cartridges now if you use the continuous ink supply system. It’s an amazing system that sits behind your printer and offers a continuous supply of ink to your printer.

The most amazing part of a continuous ink supply system is that it saves more money for you as you print more. It has been calculated that this system can save up to 95% of your cost on printer cartridges. Whether you use this system at home or in office, there is always money to be saved on your printing cost simply because you need no more cartridges.

How does the continuous ink supply system work? It has a simple system. It comes in the form of a reservoir that has its store of printer ink. It is a totally self contained unit and is fitted with its own cartridges. As and when you have any printing requirement this unit feeds the ink to the printer and you have the perfect printing done. No more cartridges are needed by your printer because it is fed by this reservoir. Since there is no more need for cartridges you don’t need to order them every now and then. The continuous ink supply system not only saves your time but also the ink. Even when your printer is not in use for a while the ink doesn’t dry up. And it is ready to perform the moment you press the print button.

Bulk ink systems have become popular in many countries in the world. People that are serious about saving money on their printing cost have been investing in bulk inking systems. But there are a limited number of vendors that specialize in continuous ink supply system. One of the better names in this regard is InkLink. In fact, InkLink is one of the premier names in the world of no more cartridges because it produces the best products.

What makes InkLink different from other companies selling the continuous ink supply system is the quality of its ink. InkLink has invested loads of time and money into developing printer ink that has just the right amount of alcohol in it. This means that the ink will never block the printer head. Moreover, the quality of ink that the continuous ink supply system form InkLink provides doesn’t damage your printer at all. The printer ink from InkLink also stays for more time and doesn’t fade as fast as some of the other printer inks. Think of the print quality of some of the finest inkjet printers and you have the quality of InkLink to compare with it.

Say ”no more cartridges” because you don’t need them anymore. Use the continuous ink supply system from InkLink and see how you get great quality prints and yet save loads of time and money.

Will you believe them if someone told you that you need no more cartridges for your printer? The fact is that the continuous ink supply system does exactly this.

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