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Grease Traps: A Much Needed Plumbing Device for All Kind Of Kitchens

Posted by affordablecesspool on February 17th, 2020

As the name itself explains grease trap is a plumbing device which capture and traps the grease from the waste water before it enters the sewer/drainage system. Also known as grease interceptors, grease capsules and grease recovery device; they are mainly installed in kitchen sinks as most of the oil and grease comes from there only. Even the small particles of oil in the dishes and cooking utensils accumulate together which if not trapped on time can block the sewer lines. Places like restaurants, schools, bakeries, cafes, take-away always need to have them installed in their kitchen as these are the places where the waste water has high percentage of FOG (fats, oils and grease).And for the right FOG management it is very important to get grease traps installed in drainage/ sewage system. But just installing them is not enough. It is also necessary to clean this device from time to time to avoid choking.

Although there are many DIY ways of cleaning grease traps but it is still recommended to hire professionals of Grease Trap Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY to ensure their better cleaning and long-term maintenance. Yes, you heard it right there are many professional plumbing service providers who offer commercial services of grease trap cleaning and Grease Trap Pumping in Brooklyn, NY. These service providers are well equipped with well trained staff to ensure that your grease traps function effectively for long term.

Nowadays There Are Various Types Of Grease Traps Available In Market. Some Of The Most Popular Variants Of It Are:

The hydro-mechanical manual grease interceptors

One of the most common, popular and traditional devices. It has low investment cost and is available in variety of sizes. They are easy to clean manually and should be cleaned on regular basis to further avoid choking and blockages.

Automatic FOG systems

They are the ones which are programmed to get cleaned automatically after a certain period of time. They are considered to be more efficient as compared to traditional hydro-mechanical grease traps.

Pre-cast gravity grease interceptors

Made up of concrete, fibre-glass or steel; they are the large in-ground tanks which are needed to be cleaned manually but comes with much higher capacity for high flow applications.

But whatever variant you are using it is very necessary to get them pumped from time to time on scheduled basis so as to keep your drainage and sewer system run efficiently. And this could only be possible when we hire professional experts of grease trap cleaning for it, isn’t?

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