Ways To Enjoy Patio Umbrellas In Canada

Posted by Patio Bay on February 18th, 2020

Offset Cantilever Umbrellas Also known as side pole umbrella, it is not similar to a regular umbrella. It is suspended in air and standing on a side pole at an outside table rather than a middle pole.

An offset cantilever umbrella is a great solution for outdoor seating arrangements or lounging areas where the traditional center pole umbrella would not work.

Let me help you with some ways you can enjoy the Offset cantilever Umbrella better:

1) Create a pathway: Some of you might have a large backyard then usual it is very beautiful to create a pathway or walkway for the backyard. The offset side pole umbrella will work great as a shade for you and your guests while walking and also add some beauty to your backyard.

2) Over the pool in the garden Area: You must enjoy the pool time at home and also you would love to float with the flow of water but you are scared of sunburns so do not worry the offset Cantilever umbrella is there to save your fun from getting spoiled you can place the side pole umbrella at poolside and enjoy a place in water without sunlight.

3) Shade for kids play area: Every kid love to play outside without worrying about anything and they do not even care of sunburn but you do care of things and that is why you can opt the offset umbrella as a shade for your children's play area or sandbox and sit back relaxing and seeing your child happily playing.

4) A shaded area: you can create shade areas for fulfilling multi-purposes such as for poolside chilling or maybe for a barbeque. the shade area can be used for a small gathering or any conversation and also you can create it anywhere such as a patio or garden.

5) Entertainment Area: An entertainment area is a place of the house where you and the people coming to your house can enjoy and talk. you can by the help of offset cantilever umbrellas turn the garden area into a street cafe by installing TV or radio there.

6) Traditionally over the table: The most traditional way of using the umbrella is over the table this gives you the beachy feel and also adds on to the beauty of your garden and patio. The offset cantilever umbrella is the better option so that no center pole will interrupt your conversation with your family and friends.

7) Over chaise lounge chairs: cantilever offset umbrella is a wow idea if you want to relax sitting in your chaise Lounge Chair. Comfortable patio chaise cushion, a big side pole offset cantilever umbrella and friends to chill can always be the best weekend plan.

So, here I have described the ways how you can use the side pole offset cantilever umbrella for multiple purposes. I hope you find this article helpful let me know in the comment section below which idea you implemented for your patio table or your garden area.

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