3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Omnichannel Call Center Software for Travel

Posted by Zenteno peterson on February 18th, 2020

Today, when it comes to travel, customers no longer choose travel agents on an offline basis. Rather, they choose to go on various digital platforms such as social media, Google, or WhatsApp to find out relevant information. Once they have finalized the destination and scanned through the customer reviews, the client may choose to contact the travel agency via email, voice, fax, or social media. If the travel industry is not equipped with the right tools for this purpose, it may lose out on a number of potential clients. The omnichannel call center solution is a tool that will help with handling the engagement of clients across all channels. Here are the top 3 pros of using an omnichannel call center software solution:

1. Personalized Support

A customer upon hiring your service expects personalized support at every step of their travel. This includes confirming hotel bookings, flight times, and other relevant services. The call center software can help to fulfill this purpose. The agents can use the omnichannel call center solution to look at the customer data from the CRM and provide the required support through the channel preferred by the customer.  This ensures the customer’s trust and makes sure that they are satisfied with the service. Hence, with this tool, your reputation and service can reach greater heights without any increasing operational costs.

2. Customer Engagement

Engaging customers today is difficult given the competition in the market. People are present on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. They may try to find relevant information about their “dream travel” on these channels. The omnichannel call center solution can help you to have a presence on these social media platforms, allowing you can attract the customers and get ahead of the competition. Customers find it more convenient and preferable to find your service through social media. 

3. Communication with Service Providers

The travel industry has a large network of service providers located in varied places globally. For example, a hotel may have its branches in various states and countries. The omnichannel call center solution allows the hotel to stay connected with its branches, customers, and travel agents for proper management. Thanks to this call center software, all players in the scene are aware of the status of the services. Recordkeeping becomes very easy with the omnichannel call center solution. These records can later be used for in-depth analysis and performance improvement. Quick and easy deployment provided by this call center solution allows the services to stay updated.

Handling so many platforms, service providers, customers, and their needs can become quite overwhelming. The omnichannel call center solution makes the job easy for you and allows you to focus on the tasks with the most priority. This software has been specifically developed for the travel industry to facilitate the management of multiple sectors in a smooth manner. It assures the customer of high-quality experiences across various channels while providing a flexible, secure, and scalable service. The omnichannel call center solution has truly transformed the way operations are carried out in the travel industry.

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