Comparing VPS Hosting With Cloud VPS Hosting

Posted by AngeloEverton on April 3rd, 2012

VPS Hosting UK is extremely popular among business people who are in need of professional and reliable hosting services. It looks like Cloud VPS Hosting is in high demand these days and this is because it is superior to the old fashioned VPS structure. In other words, cloud virtual private server utilizes a cloud and although it technically is a VPS, there are some differences that are worth your attention. Opting for VPS hosting means that your website would be hosted on a large hosting server, and it will be done inside a virtual partition of such a server. A typical hosting server contains many virtual partitions which are capable of hosting one website per partition. Whereas Cloud VPS hosting is similar to Cloud hosting – no single point of failure and cloud storage, but still utilizes the VPS hosting structure.  In short you’d be hosting your Virtual private servers off of a cloud infrastructure.

Cloud VPS hosting on the other hand is quite similar to VPS hosting UK but there are certain differences that should not be ignored. Unlike a VPS which has a variable cost for data transfer over some threshold generally hosted off of one beefed up server, a cloud VPS utilizes the principles of no single point of failure and cloud storage to maintain a superior level of redundancy, security and uptime. Being a VPS structure however it does not charge per hour running and would still have additional charges for data transfer. Also, you should know that cloud servers have more automated ordering and deployment and they might require significant architectural changes to your environment this is not the case with VPS Cloud infrastructures.

It is entirely up to you to decide which one you prefer but it is wise to make a decision only after becoming familiar with both terms. VPS hosting services are cost-effective, viable, flexible and with VPS services, the website owners can not only choose the storage resources but also the amount of computing that they require. With Cloud VPS it allows you to get the best of both VPS hosting structures and cloud redundancy and resilience.

The fact that VPS hosting UK allows the companies to create a budget that is predictable for the hosting need of their website is a major advantage. This usually implies flexibility and also versatility in the sense that they can quickly change to a new plan in case of an increase in requirements. Unlike vps hosting, Cloud VPS uses many different servers that don’t need to be in the same physical location and this is great because it is far less limiting. For example, if your website experiences a day with heavy traffic cloud hosting can handle the overflow thanks to the help of different servers and different resources.

If you decide to opt for VPS hosting UK you will need to maintain and update the server yourself and this will increase the cost of the hosting service although the upkeep of the . With Cloud VPS on the other hand you will not have to worry about this because the host company you decide to work with will do it for you. If your company is currently using VPS hosting UK and you are tempted to migrate to the cloud VPS hosting service then you can do so with ease and without wasting a lot of time. The reason underlying this swift change from VPS hosting to cloud hosting is the fact that the second is an improved version, one that provides you with extra speed, redundancy and power!

Overall, it is entirely the responsibility of the website owner to make a decision regarding the use of VPS hosting UK or cloud VPS hosting. Just because your friends benefited from a particular type of hosting service does not mean that it would spell the same for you. After all, your individual requirements are unique only to your situation and these should play a seminal role in your decision. Therefore do not just blindly settle for a certain option but make sure that you do your homework thoroughly and research well before taking a call on one of the hosting methods.

Nowadays hosting a website is something every online entrepreneur should be familiar with and one of the choices in this regard is VPS hosting UK especially if flexibility and cost are important concerns. Another great option in this regard is cloud VPS hosting which is slightly different but equally worthy of consideration.

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