How to Choose the Best Baby Bibs

Posted by maryparker on April 4th, 2012

Baby bibs are among the essential baby items.  They protect the clothes and some body parts from getting dirty.  If you want to get the best bibs, the fabric from where it is made of is one important consideration.  So in choosing baby bibs, you must first decide what features are most important to you.  Some people would prefer absorbency, so the fabric that you should look for is 100% cotton.  Besides being comfortable and soft on baby skin, cotton absorbs very well.  Flannel or terry cloth are other cotton fabrics that will be suitable for baby bibs.

Another option for a baby bib fabric is vinyl.  While vinyl is the least costly and easiest to clean among bib fabrics, it would probably be the last thing you will choose if you are after the absorbency feature.  Vinyl offers no absorbency, and is not comfortable against your baby skin. The fabric cannot withstand the heat of the dryer and the temperature of the dishwasher; it may become brittle and crack over time.

If you’re after durability, one good choice for baby bib fabric is 100% polyester.  This is a waterproof fabric and similar to vinyl, but is more durable and stronger than vinyl.  It is also resistant to stains and odors and dishwasher and dryer safe. You may need to order this fabric online, because it is difficult to source it locally.  If you are a DIY person, you can craft a baby bib for your kid.

Pacifiers, like baby bibs, are also important baby items. If you want to see how your boy will look like when he has his facial hair, you can use mustache pacifier.  This is a quirky, hilarious item that has foam whisker glued with a safe non-toxic glue to the baby pacifier. Try putting the mustache pacifier in your baby’s mouth and you’ll be amused seeing him look like an Englishman so suave and ready for a night out.

There are many types of mustache pacifiers.  You can opt for the handlebar or the Fu-Manchu style that you saw worn by characters in Kung Fu movies. You can buy this kind of pacifier online, but just like the bibs, you can also make it yourself   The materials that you will need are pacifier foam cardstock, epoxy or hot glue, scissors, pen and hobby knife;   and a little drawing skills. Make a few mustaches on the card stock, and with a scissor, cut them out.  Trace this pattern on the foam and use a hobby knife to cut out the figure.

After you have glued the mustache a little farther from the lip guard part of the pacifier, you now have a mustache pacifier. Give it to your boy and have a photo of him taken.  When he grows older, he will appreciate what you’ve done and how he looked with a mustache on. Moments with your baby should also involve some hilarious moments that you and he can treasure forever.

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