Effective Dog Obedience Training Techniques

Posted by jackbandy on April 4th, 2012

Dog obedience training is a must for every dog. When a family plans out bring a pet home, it is very important for them to start training themselves at home, so that they can handle their pets properly. As the pet grows up, it becomes extremely imperative to control their habits, which includes eating habits, toilet training and barking at night. Well trained pets are much easier to manage, and they help in retaining the decency of homes too.
Obedience training should be started when the pet is 2 months old. This is the time when the curiosity of the dog tends to increase and they start becoming more aware of the environment beyond their kennel. They know that there is a world outside, which is virgin to them. Dogs are so full of life; all they want is to explore the new environment, but they do not know how to start. Therefore, the family has to help the dog in learning all obedient training. Especially, when it comes to the habit of barking at night, proper training should e given, irrespective of their age. In fact, it is a myth that dogs start adapting tricks or accept training only after training a certain age. 
Consistent dog obedience training should be given to dogs for at least 2-3 weeks. This will be helpful for them in establishing the ground for training the pet in the most appropriate way. They will start communicating better with their master(s). 
Choosing the right style for dog obedience training is also very important for the dog as well as the master. There are harsh and leash ways of training. While most masters believe that the harsh training methods will be good for the pet, it has fallen flat in most occasions. The best way is to take the soft or reward style of training. 
The choice of training style usually depends on the breed of dogs also. As different breeds have different temperament, they should be trained accordingly. For instance, a bull dog cannot be given soft rewarding, as they would not respond to that. Hence, it would be wise to consult or read some books regarding dog training before starting off.
Barking at night is a common complaint with most neighbors. Whilst the masters might be habituated to it, neighbors are not. In fact, barking habits of dogs also require proper training. If obedience training is not working, there are some specialized trainings for these purposes that can be given to dogs for improving their habits. However, if the pet is too stubborn, some harsh methods of training have to be adapted. Dog owners who are not confident or aware of the methods should seek help from a dog training expert for this purpose.

Dog obedience training has become a mandatory for most dog wonders. It is a practice that can help in preparing the dog to face the environment outside their kennel and make them more habituated to the world outside. Barking at night can also be stopped by proper training.

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