Business Travel: Tips For Tightening Your Corporate Travel Belt

Posted by Ben prakar on February 18th, 2020

On March 2, 2010 the Wall Street Journal reported to the practice by many members of Congress to pocket unused taxpayer-funded overseas travel per diems (around 0/day) for individual use. Congressional rules say they need to return any leftover cash. Interviews with 20 former and current US lawmakers indicate that it is common practice that they usually don't return unused per diems. Many also claimed not to know about the rule. [2]

The challenge of restraining travel expenses isn't limited to governments.

It might sound trite, but his wisdom is possibly even more pertinent in today's jobless recovery. Controlling travel expenditures is an opportunity for small companies, but is mission critical for businesses with travelling places, especially sales and consulting organizations.

Many of the largest Strategy, Operations, Accounting and Information-Technology (I.T.) consulting firms require their consultants to travel 100 percent of their time.

How are you controlling your travel expenses?

Here are some tips to think about:

1. How? For stays of 30 days or longer, leasing fully furnished corporate rental apartments will almost always save ,000 per month, compared to hotels or extended stay hotels. Here Are Only a Few of the benefits:

No irritating hotel taxes of 12-15 % or more.

Corporate apartments, at approximately 750 sq. ft., are two to three times bigger than the average hotel room of 375 sq. ft. and are generally in better shape than extended stay hotels.

Fully equipped kitchens let travelers prepare home-cooked meals, saving money and waistlines!

Incidentals, such as laundry, local phone and wifi are often included in the rent.

Rents are per unit, not each bed, so more than one individual can stay together, providing additional cost savings.

Considering that the corporation may be direct charged, company leases simplify accounting while reducing the usual variability and unpredictability of hotels and eating out.

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