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Posted by juliabennet on April 5th, 2012

Men’s ties are purchased everyday for a number of reasons. It could be a gift to someone special or a friend you value a lot. Alternatively, you could be attending a formal occasion in which it is part of the dress code. Also possible, you could be looking for suitable ties to wear to your work place every day. Whichever the scenario, there are a number of things you need to know about neckties.

Buying men’s ties need you to understand four vital aspects; the color, size, patterns and material. Color is one aspect you should always be careful on. It doesn't matter whether the tie was personally bought or sent as a gift, how you choose the color depends largely whether the man will look styled up, confident and mature. It is always good to understand the color preferences of the individual as well as what colors are compatible with several others on the shirt of suit. Solid colors are ideal for work places and formal occasions where they needn't be too loud. But for informal work settings or an office party, this is a huge chance to experiment with bright colors; but make sure it's what you/the man likes plus it matches his outfit.

Getting the size for men’s ties is pretty much like buying a shirt; it should fit perfectly. Neckties come in two sizes; short and tall options. Evidently shorter men will require short ties while the tall ones will go for the lengthy options. Neckties also vary in the width of the blades; there are wide and broad options for men. This area requires sound knowledge of the man's preference, however slim is trendier nowadays so perhaps a skinny necktie surprise won't be a bad one.

Besides the size and type, a sound knowledge of men’s ties requires you to understand the patterns and designs on the fabric. Ties are often handmade, which is classier, and they may don some stripes, dots or crossed patterns on them. Additionally, neckties can also have animal patterns or shapes inscribed in them. To score in this area you need to understand the man; a quiet and serious man would do well with stripes, dots or crosses, these best suit formal looks. But for the wild, funny or outgoing man, you can be free to experiment with animal pictures, shapes or even cartoon characters.

Last thing to know is the best material for the ties. Neckties can be made of jean, cotton, polyester or silk; Silk is the most vouched for. Silk is trendy and elevates the masculine regalia more than the three other options. Silk men’s ties are smooth, don't crease or need ironing and only require a little bit of dry cleaning to keep them dirt free. They may be pricy but they bring out that expensive taste in a man perfectly.

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