An Introduction to the Aion Crafting System

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In Aion Online, crafting is an integral part of the game. Being successful at crafting can make the difference between a mediocre character and an exceptional one. This tera game card short article will give you the basics of the Aion crafting system, so you can make informed decisions and start your crafting career off on the right foot!

In Aion Online, the crafting system consists of six different crafting professions. These skills are:

o Alchemy

o Armorsmithing

o Cooking

o Handicrafting

o Sewing

o Weaponsmithing

There are also two "extracting" professions, which allow you to gather raw materials:

o Extract Vitality

o Extract Aether

Descriptions the Aion Crafting Skills

Alchemy: Alchemy allows your character to create potions, andtera game card to bolster your equipment and items with magical properties.

Armorsmithing: The armorsmithing skill allows your character to create metal shields, armor, and helmets out of metal materials.

Cooking: The cooking skill allows your character to make various food and beverages. These items can then give bonuses to your character, or purify contaminated materials that you find.

Handicrafting: Learning the handicrafting skill will allow your character to create wooden weapons, various precious metals, and some small parts.

Sewing: The sewing skill lets your character make light cloth and leather armor, useful for magic using characters.

Weaponsmithing: Becoming a weaponsmith will allow your character to create more powerful weaponry out of metal materials.

How to Learn A Craft in Aion Online

In order to learn a craft, you must first go to your race's capital city and find that craft's expert. Then, you must pay the expert a fee, usually around 3500 Kinah (Aion's currency), to begin learning the craft.

Where to Go From Here

A single character can learn EVERY skill in the game. Sotera game card feel free to experiment and see what suits you and your character best. Have some fun with it. It's worth noting, however, that each character can only actually "Master" two of their skills. So figure out which ones are the most beneficial for your character, and choose wisely. a

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