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Posted by sere on February 18th, 2020

Actually still have a lot of people to do not know, household safe still has a kind of commonly known, call "money box", as the name suggests is the safe that makes money to save. So if the home can put a safe, and a little put a good position, can let people in the life to achieve the real wealth!

You only need a Guarda fireproof waterproof safe, not only to protect your property, but also for you to guard the four feng shui, let you really prosper!

The position that puts safe is very cultured actually. For example cannot be opposite home door, because the door is open when have wind to blow into the family, can cause safe leak so, and money box leak wind nature can cause oneself finance to have some loss, namely so-called "leak money". So household safes are not recommended to be placed in the position facing the door.

In addition, household safes should not be placed under the bed. Some people put their safes under their beds for security purposes, thinking that this is a secret way to keep things hidden, but actually doing so will suppress your assets and make it difficult for them to advance. But when you can decorate the study or wall space and time gives a suitable position to put safe safe, such already safe and secret, still won't affect his money luck.

Choose a good safe, but also consider its appearance, such as color and shape, which will affect you all the time in your life. For example shield fire safe, it is simple but do not break elegant match color to explain the costly enjoyment in low-key perfectly, the nobility and elegance of ivory white can add delicate simple sense to the life not only, still can let a person feel comfortable halcyon. Protecting the security of your family assets while also improving your life style.

In fact, the best place that safe puts is in the residence or office, such put can let you have money to prosper to be able to improve your property security to protect a system again.

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