Internet of Things: A Delve Into the Hottest Trends Today

Posted by andrea on February 18th, 2020

Internet of things, or what we call, the ability to connect everyday objects to the internet, that is what the whole fuss is about, isn't it? With a widely increasing popularity and growing industrial base, IoT appears to have a bright future with its impact ranging from verticals like retail and architecture to ways in which we interact with our own homes.

While trends flowing in the world of IoT are diverse, security, data collection, improvement in customer experience and smarter cities are at the center of it. Take a look at what Gartner’s recent report has to say about IoT technologies:

According to Gartner’s report,

  • Constant innovation in security technologies will likely protect IoT devices from information attacks and physical tampering.
  • Data volumes will undoubtedly go up by 2021, and the requirement of IoT technology in app development may rise even further.
  • The report foresees that some of the IoT applications and devices will generate extremely high levels of data which would require real-time analysis.

Trending on the global front for some time now, IoT is steadily growing in popularity. So keeping up with the gists of IoT, we've rounded up a list of the top 5 trends flowing in the world of IoT today.

1. Security: Primary Concern With IoT?

Device issues; data theft and device hacking, these are the primary concerns involved with IoT today, and the stakes are higher than ever. Think of self-drive cars, for instance, you're driving around on the streets and someone tampers with your car system, there you go, end of the world for you. According to Marchany, "Physical security is the biggest complication with IoT devices since the devices are kept or held out in the open and anyone can access these devices physically."

The same goes for your home security as well.

Q. How convenient would that be for someone to break into your house?

Well, concerns are plenty and answers limited. But IoT security comes up with one of the most promising solutions to date. With a promising ability to block tampered devices and provide strong protection, Blockchain technology shuts down devices in case of any tampering, eventually providing a far secure platform for use.

  • What’s more? While the risk of any threat is constant there, it is possible to bolster the security of IoT environments using the following security tools:
  • Data encryption- To put it simply, encryption is the process of extracting all the sensitive data or information into an unreadable format.
    Strong user authentication of step by step processes like knowledge; ownership and inherence.
  • Use of resilient coding.

2. Higher potential for Data Collection

Data selling is certainly at the helm today with more and more companies pushing forward to interact with information that was virtually non-existent previously. Over the years, companies have realized the importance of creating separate marketplaces for data selling.

The question is, why?

Well, to put it in a simplified form, the “data-as-a-service” (DaaS) offers a rapidly growing market to companies where they buy and sell the vital data. But selling IoT data using DaaS might not be the ideal approach. So it’s no surprise to see the innovators coming up with separate marketplaces for the buying and selling of data.

3. Smarter cities potentially

We’re all aware of the opportunities accessible in cities, right? People moving to cities for better prospects of growth isn’t a new concept, and with forward-thinking cities adopting IoT technologies to make their communities smarter, a more diverse lifestyle is around the corner.

But how exactly are IoT devices helping in creating cities smarter?

As smart as they are, IoT devices use ultra innovative sensors and meters to collect data and use the acquired information to build better infrastructure while offering necessary public services, which eventually helps build a better and smarter city as a whole.

Here’s a take of some facts for you:

  • The European Union leads the way for the setting up of smart cities, with a whopping sanction of 365 Million Euros.
  • Copenhagen makes use of sensors to monitor bike traffic and gather data for improved routes so that heavy traffic areas can be taken care of.
  • As it is predicted, IoT-based practices will be extensively used by U.S. cities.

4. First Smart Cities, Now Smarter Homes?

If cities are becoming smarter, why shouldn’t our homes?

Now where IoT devices are creating “smart cities,” they are also bound to create “smart homes.” Setting up and controlling innovative devices and appliances through the internet is now possible. Take some examples…

  • Google Nest automatically controls heat and hot water.
  • Nest Thermostat helps you control your room temperature right from your mobile phone. This is highly efficient and saves ample amount of money for you as well.
  • Canary- An all-inclusive security system, Canary has built-in sensors along with other audio and video devices to keep a track of not only your room temperatures but also your home security. The device can be controlled directly from your phone and is one of the all-inclusive systems for your home.

5. A breakthrough system in improving customer experience

IoT devices allow retailers to analyze how much the consumers use a specific product or a small shopkeeper or showroom owner can know the number of customers entering the store every day by simply collecting the data.

All of this information lets businesses decide which products will attract the customers more and help them in bringing innovation in their products.

Here are some ways in which it is done:

  • Customer experiences form a vital part of company strategies in terms of the changes and transformations required to be made with the help of company offerings.
  • You get to handle each customer issue personally.
  • You get to improve and learn with every update you make to your services.

Summing up the point

With numerous features and ease of working, presents ample benefits to consumers, and has the potential to change the ways in which consumers interact with technology.

Looking at the positive responses on behalf of IoT, we can predictively see IoT devices becoming a huge component of our day-to-day lives, where human and machine work hand-in-hand.


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