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Posted by mike tyler on February 18th, 2020

Parenting is a difficult thing, especially when your kid is just a toddler. Pampering your toddler is even more difficult but when it comes to changing diapers, every parent gets annoyed. Changing the diapers of a baby is quite a hectic task with all that tissue mess and odor. 

Therefore, to organize this job of pampering and keeping your baby hygienic, we at Portable Sink Depot, we manufacture a portable baby diaper changing table which helps you sort out this issue. Being a toddler, your kid will keep crawling here and there and then you will only have to lift your kid and get him or her to the changing table. But this problem is also well sorted by our designers. We have designed a portable diaper changing table. You can port it anywhere in your home, it is on wheels.

This on wheel diaper changing table comes with the compartments to keep the diapers, lotions, wipes and everything at the bottom. There is a sink installed at the top right side of the tables and a toddler bed is set on the left where the diaper can be changed. Well, you might think how a portable sink on the table can be used without water. Here is the answer; we have set a water tank at the bottom from where all the water comes from.  Everything that you need to maintain your baby’s hygiene, we have all set in the same assembly. It has plenty of drawers and compartments to store the material you need. The portable diaper changing table is made of stainless steel so you need not be worried about its quality. No, let us talk about the features we have implemented in the design of this portable diaper changing table.

Features of the Portable Diaper Changing Table:

  • The portable diaper changing table comes along with the auto shut off the fluid pump. This pump basically stops working when the water level in the water tank goes below the set level. This helps in saving the pump and the tank from the damage. The water pump is of industrial quality such as UL, CSA and NSF listings. This ensures that the use of these pumps is safe enough to keep active around a baby.
  • The only requirement to operate the fluid pump is only 15 Amp, 110V of electricity and no all-time electricity connection is required.
  • The freshwater tank is of capacity 6 gallons and the wastewater tank is of capacity 7 gallons. The clean water and wastewater are separated during the washing process itself which helps in keeping the hygiene maintained.
  • The water heater is installed with the industry listings of UL and CSA to ensure the quality of heated water is suitable for a baby.
  • It requires no plumbing and assembly services. It is just a simple installation set up which can be carried on the wheels. Everything you need to change the diapers will remain in the compartments only.
  • The water pipes we use in the portable diaper changing table are ANSI and FDA approved. We make sure that safety is kept as a priority in the product.
  • It has a long gooseneck faucet for water drainage.
  • Inbuilt PVC plumbing is applied under the installation criteria only so that the assembly remains rigid and stable under operation.
  • 4 inches high wall covered diaper changing bed is installed by the side of the sink. The baby’s safety and the functionality of the product are taken into consideration quite well while using it.

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