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Posted by Voiswitch Inc on February 18th, 2020

PBX is short for “private branch exchange.” If you are searching for a flexible and cost-effective phone solution system for your business, then the cloud PBX system is the one for you. It has become a popular telephony system in the modern market because of its effectiveness. By the end of this blog, you will have adequate information about the cloud PBX system.

What is a PBX system?

PBX is an onside telephony system that will allow your organization to manage all your incoming and outgoing calls. Using this system, you can also transfer the calls internally and externally too. Today, PBX is more than just switches, physical phones, and extensions; it refers to the complete communication system which has modern features like instant messaging, paging, softphones, and so on.

What is a cloud PBX system?

Earlier, telephony systems used in the companies were technologically lagging and costly too.

Old PBX system required you to store a lot of hardware on your site, and it needed a manual operation as well. The cloud PBX system got invented to overcome the disadvantages of a traditional PBX system. It is also popular as a hosted PBX. It offers a virtual phone system that works over the internet.

Cloud PBX system works using cloud computing technology. The data gets stored and transferred over the internet, unlike a computer and set of hardware owned by the end-user. It is the perfect business phone system that offers business-oriented features like call conferencing, customer wait-queues, extension dialing, and business hour setting that allows to route off-hour calls, and hold music.

How does cloud PBX system works?

Cloud PBX is an internet telephony system, in which the providers does the job of housing the PBX and offer you the phone services. Your desk set will get linked to a router, and all calls, signaling, features, etc. are manageable through the server at the provider’s on-site location.

Since the system is dependent on the internet for work, the system will get connected to your IP or internet phone for its internet connection. You can access to cloud PBX system from any device, as you will have a personalized account using cloud PBX’s interface application.

Even if you are away from the office, you can still manage calls in the office. It’s possible because you can log in to your account with a password and have access to all the calls in the office.

In conclusion

Cloud PBX is a telephony system that works using an internet connection. The system is cloud-based and saves you the cost of installing unnecessary communication hardware in your company. It’s a perfect mix of flexibility, effectiveness, and convenience.

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