Vaporizer ? A Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Posted by sophiamilller on April 8th, 2012

Like the way in which water evaporates faster on boiling as compared to being left out under the sun, herbs, on being added to a vaporizer are heated to the point of releasing their essential oils. While in the device, herbs are subjected to a moving current of air which causes them to release an aromatic vapor without being burnt or scorched. Since the entire process is completely bereft of harmful by-products, it is much healthier than smoking. This is why a device like the Launch Box is fast becoming the preferred choice of people all over the world – not only is it efficient and reliable but user-friendly as well.

Although the process of vaporization has been known to mankind since the days of the earliest civilizations, its commercial application began only during the last decade of the twentieth century. The credit of having invented the first vaporizer goes to a Cherokee native named Eagle Bill who in 1993 demonstrated how cannabis could be vaporized by using a heat gun. Derived from the ancient Egyptian custom of vaporizing herbs with the help of heated stones this design was further improved upon to form the Canada vaporizer in 1994, the volcano vaporizer in 2000 and the Launch Box in this contemporary era. 

Vaporizers could be of various types, some of the common categories being cheap, portable, electric, basic and advanced. A portable vaporizer is a handheld device characterized with a metal pipe head and a number of pipes and glass bongs. Then there are battery powered versions as well like the MFLB which function through infra-red heating, are extremely quick and can be recharged. Latest in this series are electric vaporizers like Launch Box which make use of the conduction or convection principles to heat up the herbs till a sufficiently high temperature is reached.

Of the two heating methods namely conduction and convection it is the latter which is more efficient because apart from heating evenly it also ensures complete vaporization of herbs. Conduction in a vaporizer entails placing the herbs directly on the heating element which may sometimes scorch them and produce ‘burnt popcorn’ like taste. Models differ on the basis of their manner of vapor delivery as well. While the older models believe in stored vapor, the contemporary versions like Launch Box facilitate direct lung delivery, meaning after having passed over the herbs the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs.

Irrespective of whether it is a basic model or an advanced version like Volcano or Launch Box, the quality of vaporization which is inhaled is an outcome of a variety of factors. One of the seminal factors in this regard is the type of vaporizer as apart from determining the release of active components it impacts the production of harmful toxins as well. Other factors which might be having a bearing on the result are the temperature of vaporization, the variety of herb as also its density. Storage time of the vapor prior to inhalation and its duration in the lungs also makes a difference.

So why should anyone opt for vaporization? Not only is vaporizing easier on the body but is comparatively more eco-friendly as well since there is no toxic release. Using a vaporizer is a healthier alternative to smoking because herbs do not irritate lungs and do not encourage multiplication of free radicals within the body as well. With a good vaporizer like Launch Box it is possible to enjoy unadulterated natural aromas like wild dagga, blue lotus and cannabis without having to scorch them. In addition this process is free from hassles like regular cleaning of ashtrays and trying to get rid of the all-pervading smell of smoke hanging in the air.  

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking, then trying out the vaporizer should be your next step. Considering that this device is available in a variety of models, opting for a latest version like Launch Box is not just convenience personified but fashionable as well.

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