Why is the Grandstream UCM Series Better?

Posted by Voiswitch Inc on February 18th, 2020

The countless numbers of communication technologies are flooding the offices and businesses, and they need a platform that provides unification. The Grandstream ucm6202 from UCM series serves the purpose. It provides you with a powerful and easily manageable platform that unifies various technologies, which includes voice, video communication and surveillance, mobility options, data tools, and facility access management.

The following are the factors that set the UCM series apart and make it better.

1 – Features for every business

Even if you have just started with the business, the communication needs are the same as large businesses. Entry-level IP PBXs for small organizations include basic features like call hold, forwards, caller id, etc. But they require you to invest more money to receive advanced features like IVR and auto attendants. But, the UCM series offers all advanced features at no additional cost.

2 – No recurring payments

If you purchase from different IP PBX vendors, then you will have to may annual payments towards licensing and advanced features. You may also need to pay some manufacturers based on the number of people using IP PBX. These additional fees can make on-site IP PBX expensive.

In contrast, the UCM series have no additional and recurring fees. It is what makes Grandstream ucm6202 Canada stand out among other product alternatives.

3 – Great video support

UCM series goes beyond providing excellent voice features. It offers you a complete SIP video support, and it can integrate with any other SIP service or product. It also provides functions such as video conferencing, video surveillance, and facility management applications. All these features are easily accessible by dialling extensions.

4 – Mobility features

UCM series provides you with mobility features that increase your productivity. Whether you have single business locations or multiple locations across the globe, the mobility features from the UCM series ensure that nothing comes in the way of your business.

You will get free softphone applications for smartphones. You also get peered UCM and coverage over different physical locations, access to all data tools, voicemail forwarding, monitoring surveillance cameras, and so on.

5 – Hassle-free installation and management

Installation of devices from the UCM series is just a few mouse clicks away, and it can be possible with minimal manual operation. You don’t need to be technologically advanced as the device will automatically detect and connect to any Grandstream SIP endpoint on the same network of UCM. You can add devices after a few minutes of installation, thanks to the zero-configuration of the UCM series.

On the whole

The Grandstream ucm6202 and UCM series provide enterprise-grade features. It has no recurring payments and offers you firmware updates for a lifetime. Its amazing features and easy installation comes as a bonus. The factors mentioned above prove why the UCM series is better.

Aden Rynolds is the author of this article. For more details about Grandstream Ucm Toronto please visit our website: voiswitch.net

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