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Posted by albertareid on April 8th, 2012

The electric and electronic devices influence the consumers greatly and the manufacturers should assume responsibility for the effects caused by the devices. The FCC in the US and Canada needs the electric and electronic products to be verified and certified for compliance. All products that deal with emissions and transmissions must undergo EMC test irrespective of whether the manufacturer is local or international. The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing is required for products used in wireless, telecom, medical, power and consumer industries. If you are unsure about whether FCC compliance is required for your product, it is better to check with a reputable EMC testing laboratory for consultation.

The FCC compliance requirements are different for different products and the testing laboratory you choose should be able to guide in ensuring compliance. The company should be able to provide wireless approvals and liaise with TCB to ensure that the approval goes through. The testing laboratory should also know about different FCC standards to coordinate FCC ID numbers. The test report provided by the testing company should detail product description and testing details to ensure that your product gets necessary certification and verification. If you don't deal with professional testing laboratory, it can turn out to be a disaster for your product as you won't be able to get compliance certification.

Manufacturers always attempt to reduce operational cost and testing cost plays a major role in determining the total production cost. In order to be profitable, the products manufactured should pass FCC compliance tests first time around. The requirement of re-tests and PCB re-spins will not only increase production cost, but also delay time to launch the product. The quality of testing and chances of getting FCC certification are dependent on the testing laboratory that undertakes EMC testing. The testing company should have necessary infrastructure and design knowledge to deal with EMC compliance issues.

The testing laboratory you choose for EMC test should have accreditation from FCC and other compliance bodies. The applicable standards for your products should be known by the testing company so that you are not left in the dark. The lab should know its way around the standard so that necessary testing is performed to ensure standard compliance. In an attempt to please the clients, the testing laboratory should not take the wrong route because the compliance ensures safety for end users. At the same time, the testing company should not result in expensive re-tests as it can be a big blow to the manufacturers.

The lab size and testing requirements must be determined by educated and experience EMC test engineers in the testing company. If the testing lab provides pre-compliance testing service, then it can be trusted as this testing will ensure that your product can easily pass FCC certification testing later. If the existing product design can result in non-compliance, changes can be made before errors are escalated to the final product. While trying to choose the best testing lab, don't get carried away by the quoted price as there are reliable companies that offer price match guarantee.

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