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Posted by luciasarah on February 18th, 2020

An interview is very essential to extract fresh or some discrete details. Yet, in order to level up the collected data, interview transcription services are required. These are transcription type in which the audio file of the interview is converted into a text format. Moreover, the interview transcription services provide an easier understanding of the qualitative data.
The reason why interview transcription services output or document can be easily understood is because the brain can easily process written word compared to listening to few hours of recorded audio. Another thing is that interview transcription services provide printed output that can be shuffled quickly from one page to another. This can help the readers to connect the stories easily. It is not feasible to do this is an audio file interview.

The requirement for interview transcription services, as we say, is important. However, transcribing an interview in a best way is another consideration. You have to look for interview transcription services that offer quality transcription output. Whether you are going for research interview transcription services or police interview transcription services, you must understand that the interview transcription services cost should not compromise the quality.
Speaking of the best way to transcribe an audio file interview, here are some essential steps that most interview transcription services are performing. Check these steps and analyse each.
1. Select a method of transcription
The process of interview transcription services usually comprised of three primary methods. First, the manual transcription method. The next one is the automated transcription method by a service provider. And lastly, hiring an outsource personnel.
However, choosing the best way to transcribe entails various considerations. But, keep in mind that the best method will generally depends on the accuracy of the audio file, budget, processing time, and the confidentiality level. There are generally lots of budget-friendly transcription over the web but be very keen in looking for the reliable one.
2. Formatting transcription
Even if you hire interview transcription Providers you will still need to check the transcription output once it will be handed back. Check for errors and look for possible things for editing if necessary. Be considerate with the document style, margins, and line spacing.
3. Reviewing the transcribed output
Basically, after the interview process, your connection with the interviewee does not end there. You still need them to review the transcription output of the audio file interview. Through this, you will verify the accuracy of the recording of the things they said or the meaning behind their words.
4. Do not name names
In publishing a research, it is a norm not to drop names of person that you interview. Also, all the names related to him should not be mentioned. Example of this is the place where he live in order to avoid tracing of particular person. However, this only applies on publishing. That’s why the original names of the interviewee are kept on during the transcription process.
5. Keep record
It is advisable to maintain a record of every transcription process. List down who do the transcribing, editing, and proofreading. Also include the date when each activities are performed.

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