Killerguides Aion Leveling & Strategy Guide Review

Posted by d280668993 on April 8th, 2012

If you're a Aion fan like myself, no doubt you're leveling the same way I used to: slowly. Even though I had plenty of experience from other MMORPG games, Aion was unlike most tera game card of them: for me it was a big and unknown new world for which I didn't have much patience or time to explore. Fortunately, that changed soon after I found out about this great Aion Strategy Guide.

The unofficial Aion Strategy Guide was written by one of the authors on a famous MMORPG guides website. They are renown for publishing amazing guides for all kinds of games, and fortunately someone there is a huge Aion fan and wrote this amazing guide. I was mostly interested in a leveling guide, and soon found out it's really good. All quests are covered and explained in details so i didn't have to look up the information anywhere else, and even though I found a couple of mistakes it didn't matter, because it was fixed in an update which came only a few days later. Being such a dynamic game with new stuff added all the time, it's good to have a constantly updated guide which includes the latest changes.

In addition to the leveling guide found inside, you alsotera game card get more guides such a an equipment guide, listing pretty much all equipment in game and ranking it for each class, a kinah guide showing you some really cool tips and tricks for making kinah in Aion, as well as a few other guides, most notable being a professions guide, Stigma guides and class guides. There's plenty of info for every player regardless of their play style or chosen class, since everything is covered. I like the kinah guide the most, since i hate grinding monsters endlessly for money -- although there's plenty of farming locations to maximize your profits that way too.

I was really surprised by the quality of this Aion guide tera game card and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It helped me learn the game much faster and maximize my character with the best gear and skills in just a few weeks of casual playing. It's a valuable resource for any player and you should always have it next to you when you enter the world of Aion.

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