Pest Control Services in NJ

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Get the Best Pest Control & Small Animal Control Services in NJ!

Pest Control Services in NJ

Small Animal Control Services in NJ

Welcome to Get'm Pest Control, Get the best pest control & small animal control services in NJ, New Jersey City. We provide the best pest control services & small animal control services in NJ with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Residential Pest Control Programs

We have a number of programs that fit the needs of many new and existing customers. Each service has been carefully constructed and timed to eradicate pests at the most vulnerable point in their lifecycles. If you feel there is not currently a program that is what you’re looking for, we also offer customized service plans specifically tailored to your unique situation.

Commercial Pest Control Programs

We begin with a thorough inspection of your business at absolutely no charge to you. Next, we will prepare a written recommendation for you. It will include a plan to eliminate any existing problems, as well as pest-proof your facility.

Once you hired us you will be getting more than just the best pest control, you’ll be getting a full education on the best practices and IPM “pest prevention” techniques to keep your institution pest-free.


Indications of a Termite Infestation​

When you see a termite colony, it is a sign that you have termites in your home or business. In New Jersey, termites tend to nest from late February until May when the climate transition goes from colder to warmer temperatures. Here you can see an example of how a  swarm of termites will look like.

Another sign of an infestation is termite tubing. The pests make holes in wood or build small dirt tubes to deliver moisture from the ground without having to exhibit themselves. An example of one of their cavities can be seen below.

what you should know

Individuals may confuse termites with carpenter ants. While variety in wing length, wing color, and antennae among the two species are not unusually observed, the best option is to consult a trained person to precisely identify termites versus winged carpenter ants, in order proceed to the right treatment.


Termites produce up to 3 billion dollars in property damage each year. Infestations that are disregarded will commence serious home damage, and in severe cases, homes have had to be destroyed.  This is a clear example of how important is to have a frequent inspection every year and to call a technician quickly if a termite infestation is detected.

When you call us, a professional will come to your home or business and give you an entire evaluation of your home or business at no charge.

Next, GET’M PEST CONTROL will generate a pest extermination program created for you by your technician and our team.

Be convinced that you will have the most efficient assistance and solution to your self problem.

Our company accounts with reliable and widely trained personnel that provide pest control to both companies and families. Also, our organization emphasizes good business practices and standards that were designed for pest control companies in New Jersey.  Therefore, the Get'm team can diagnose your problems and solve them promptly safely and effectively. The client's satisfaction is our best reward.

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