Best Traditional Dishes From Spanish Restaurants Pembroke Pines FL

Posted by Shally Warner on February 18th, 2020

If you are looking for the best Spanish restaurants Pembroke Pines FL, then you are probably a big fan of Spanish delicacies. Now there is a number of good recipes that you can order at any of the best Latin Food Catering. So let’s get to know the recipes one by one:  

1. Gazpacho or salmorejo   

The Gazpacho is basically the Spanish tomato soup but has a zesty flavor to it. It has found a place in most of the best Spanish restaurants in Florida. But only a few places have found the best ways to make this Spanish wonder happen. This dish is normally served for an appetizer and people drink it straight from the glass of the bowl. The soup is made think with a lot of vegetables like green peppers, onions, herbs, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, and vinegar. It is best for summers because it is a healthy dish and has much less calories. Salmorejo is an Andalucian version of pureed tomatoes, bread, vinegar, and garlic. The dish is at times served cold and sometimes topped with egg slices and ham slices.    

2. Cured Meat: Chorizo, Jamon and Salchichon  

Spanish food is incomplete without cured meats of various kinds and flavors. Jamon is very popular in Florida. It is made out of thinly slicing the legs of pork and these are cured with different seasonings and herbs and hung in most of the Spanish restaurants Pembroke Pines FL. Jamon is considered an art and this needs to be done by an extremely skilled Jamon specialist. The quality of the Jamon will greatly depend on the quality of food that the pigs are fed, the species of the pig and the duration and flavors of the curation process. One of the most favorite categories of Jamon is the Jamón ibérico de bellota where the pigs are truly Spanish and fed acorns. Another cured meat that the visitors in Florida absolutely crave for is Chorizo. It is basically cured sausage with many flavors such as spicy and sweet. The most favorite is cured with red smoked pepper and given an azure color. Other softer flavors are Salchichón which is used to garnish mixed charcuterie dishes.    These are the few best traditional dishes from Spanish restaurants Pembroke Pines FL. When you visit Florida, make sure that you try all of them once at any reputed Food Catering Pompano Beach FL


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