Some Tips When Printing Custom Work Apparel For Staff

Posted by Michael Griffin on February 18th, 2020

From the smallest startups to the largest corporations, all brands realize the importance of custom work apparel. Custom apparel builds team spirit among employees and connects their identity with the company’s which encourages them to do their best. Depending on your organization’s values, you can either create a formal atmosphere with formal wear or a casual one with casual wear. Uniforms add legitimacy to your business and can act as a marketing tool to create interest among customers. The quality of prints depends on the technique you use which depends on your budget, e.g. vinyl printing in Denver may cost a bit for a large order but can create high-quality prints on various types of fabrics.

Tips To Order Custom Work Apparel

Research T-Shirt Printing Companies

You can find a custom apparel printing firm in your locality with ease by searching the internet. Compare their reviews, services and prices when choosing one. Give preference to companies that print work apparel over others.

Research Printing Techniques

Not all t-shirt printing techniques are fit for all types of orders. Techniques like screen printing and dye sublimation create high-quality images in bulk at affordable rates. Many prefer direct to garment, heat transfer and vinyl printing in Denver for small orders. Vinyl cutting is the most versatile style because it can be used on most fabric types. You should also consider embroidery to give your garments a classy look.

Know What Design To Add

Your company logo is an obvious start. If you don’t have a logo yet then make a simple design to reduce printing costs. You can add a catchphrase or call-to-action to grab your customers’ attention. You can also add your company’s phone number and website link to help potential customers get in touch with you. Some companies add their employee’s name to give the uniform a personal touch.

Choose the Right Garments

Your options are not limited to t-shirts, you can also order hoodies, formals, jackets, coats, etc. Before you place your order, define who will wear the garments (executives, maintenance staff, etc.), for what purpose (for safety, to keep warm, etc.), how often (daily or on special occasions) and what’s their price per piece. Other than shirts, consider ordering other items like caps. You can choose a printing technique based on the garment type, e.g. polo shirts may need embroidery in Denver.

Choose The Right Colors

The printing cost usually increases depending on the number of colors you add to the design. You also need to consider the garment’s color based on the nature of your work. If you are printing safety wear then you need bright colors. If you are involved in maintenance then you may need dark fabrics to hide the grime.

Place Order For Different Sizes

Uniforms are not one-size-fits-all. The best size for each employee depends on their height and weight. Ask your employees which size fits them best when you place your order. Ask the garment company to give you a size chart so that you and your employees can refer to it. Keep in mind that the sizing formula differs for men and women. Also, keep in mind different types of fit. Some may look good with a slim fit while others may prefer a loose fit.

Order For Gents And Ladies

It’s a no-brainer that men and women do not have the same body shape. It’s why their shirts are cut differently. Ladies t-shirt tends to have shorter sleeves, shorter torso length and a more open neckline than that of men. While you can save some money by ordering unisex wear, your workforce will be thankful if you consider their individual needs.

Order Extra

You may receive new employees soon after the order arrives. You wouldn’t want them to stand out from others and feel left out. The extras may also be handy in case someone loses their old uniform. So, it’s best to order more uniforms than you need at once and have the extras lying in the basement than to be short of uniforms. You might get a discount on bulk order if you design your uniforms with embroidery in Denver.

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