42 colour combinations for wearers to flaunt in their Ciokki sandals

Posted by william on February 18th, 2020


(February 14, 2020) - Bad posture and low quality footwear can be a serious cause of concern leading to several health issues. A few of the side effects of bad footwear are back pain, misaligned spine, knee pain, and more. Adding to this, most people lead a sedentary lifestyle that can aggravate the situation further. In such cases, it becomes imperative to give importance to every choice that we make. 

On 18th February 2020, Ciokki, a flip-flop brand from Malaga in Spain is about to start its Kickstarter fund campaign for its interchangeable range of flip-flogs. What makes them interchangeable is the fact that they come in 6 differ upper colors and 7 different sole colors. Thus anyone can instantly change the look of their sandals in just 3 steps thanks to their own Plug n’ Walk Interchangeable System. This means, a user gets an option of 42 looks to create over a course of the time the own Ciokki sandals. 

"What makes this product unique compared to the others is its interchangeability. Our flip-flops can be purchased separately. Customer can choose different soles and uppers based on the colour they prefer" said founder Simone Grosso. "Buying a sole and several uppers (or vice versa) is like having more pairs of flip-flops at a much lower price, customized as you wish, which takes up much less space in your closet or your luggage" he said.

All Ciokki sandals are made in Italy with the soles made from high quality EVA foam, a resistant, lightweight and waterproof material. Thanks to the EVA sole, they are far more resistant to everyday wear and tear and last longer than a regular pair of flip flops.

The upper is made of TPU, which is a very strong and flexible material that is highly resistant to impacts and abrasion. This is a very popular material for shoes, sandals and flip flops that helps in ensuring that the wearer enjoys to great walking experience. These flip flops impart optimal postural alignment of the body and healthy support all as a result of the natural foot anatomy and the adaptable foam material.

About Ciokki

The Ciokki campaign is looking to raise 9997€ (approximately ,032). The benefits of backing this project include a Super Early Bird for 15€ (Approx ) which includes a Ciokki 1xSole and 1xUpper, a Ciokki Bag, and Plug ’n Walk soles saving 50% off the MSRP and worldwide delivery.

For more information on the Ciokki brand of flip-flops and how they are made, the various colour combinations available in the soles and uppers, please visit their official website, www.ciokki.com.

To visit their Kickstarter project, pledge for them, or back their project, please visit their Kickstarter page, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ciokki/ciokki-the-fully-interchangeable-flip-flops 

Media Contact
Owner: Simone Grosso
Phone: +393497739227
Mail: simone@ciokki.com


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