Recent Innovations in Bathroom Design Glasgow

Posted by AngeloEverton on April 11th, 2012

If you are trying to redo a bathroom design Glasgow or a bathroom design Edinburgh, realize that there are new technologies and ideas out there. Gone are the days of a bathroom being a purely functional, purely boring room. Here’s just a small sample of such ideas.

A new bathroom design is nothing to take lightly. Whether you prefer a bathroom design Glasgow or a bathroom design Edinburgh, you’ll want to know about the latest and greatest in material and ideas. I mean, there’s no reason to go to all the trouble of designing and building a new bathroom using old and outdated hardware or philosophies. After all, bathroom design companies bend over backwards inventing and developing new gadgets to help you have a better water closet experience. Why not take advantage?

Water Efficiency: Using an efficient, yet effective amount of water for all bathroom activities is at the top of bathroom design manufacturer’s priorities. As Earth goes through a natural resource revolution, the use and re-use of water has produced new sinks, toilets, and bathtubs that are essential for any bathroom design Glasgow or bathroom design Edinburgh.

Wallpaper: No, this isn’t your grandmother’s floral pattern wallpaper that peeled a little bit more each time you showered. These days, wall paper has gone through a dramatic revolution and is now able to withstand the heat and steam of bathrooms. This means that you are no longer confined to tile or paint. You new bathroom can be as alive and vital as you are.

Bathtub Contours: Can you imagine a bathtub that’s shaped so perfectly to the human form that it feels like your favorite reading chair? Well, there is. Today’s bathtubs not only come in so many shapes that a Cubist painter would be confused, but they’re also designed with water use efficiency in mind. Just another thing to consider for your bathroom design Glasgow or your bathroom design Edinburgh.

Rounded Lines:  Gone are the days of showering in a boxed room. Four walls each angled at 90 degrees are so obsolete. Nowadays, designers prefer a more natural appearance- one where cabinetry and floor plans resemble pools of liquid more than hard edged cinder blocks.

Atypical Aesthetics: Instead of having one side of the room mirror the other, designers have been successful experimenting with balancing lopsided appearances. Instead of having everything orderly they intentionally mix things up and let an artistic sense balance out the room. Good examples of these are sinks with a exaggerated overhang or tiles that don’t perfectly align.

Personal Toilets: Even the most functional of bathroom elements has received a makeover. No longer are toilets one size fits all. Today, depending on the dimensions of your body or the tendencies of your culture, you can find a toilet that fits your needs.

Simple Designs: Just because bathroom design technology is new and flashy doesn’t mean it’s going to empty your wallet or take up the entire room. Hardware has been designed with the idea that the world is getting smaller. Spatial economy is yet another idea you can incorporate into your bathroom design Edinburgh or your bathroom design Glasgow.

Whether you’re looking for a Bathroom design Glasgow or a Bathroom design Edinburgh, you’ll want to keep up with the latest in bathroom innovations.

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