Why Neon Light Bulbs Are So Popular in Business Class?

Posted by Neon Poodle on February 19th, 2020

Neon Light Bulbs are used in designing your business logos, business tag line, store name or your brand which give high visibility in the night to the customers walking through the street. Those glowing neon signage and store names which fetch your attention on the street in the night are made with the use of hundreds of Neon Bulbs. While on the other hand, the neon tubes are filled with neon gas which is connected with electrical wires when electricity passes through the tube the gas produces lights in different colors.

Let’s have a closer look at the difference between the Neon Light Bulbs and traditional bulbs:

  • Cost effective: In comparison to the traditional bulbs the Neon Bulbs are available at very fewer rates. Neon is the most popular and cheap chemical element in the world after oxygen, helium, hydrogen, and carbon which is used for business branding and advertising since in these elements there is no use of filament that is the only reason which makes it cost-effective in the comparison to other similar products.
  • Energy-Efficient Products: As neon bulbs have no filament and its electrodes keep them cool which means they don’t use much electricity and make it most energy-efficient product in the business world. The typical Neon Light Bulbs consume 90 watts of electricity which is far less than traditional lightings. And also helps you ion saving 50% to 70% electricity with the use of Neon Bulbs. But if we talk about the neon tubes then it all depends upon the transformer and colors used in the tube. But when it comes to the electricity consumption neon bulbs are considered a more energy-efficient product in the lighting world.
  • Longevity: the longevity of the Neon Light Bulbs make it more demandable product in the market as they long last for the years until unless the electrical wires don’t deteriorated. The average life of neon bulbs is more than ten years. While other normal and traditional bulbs provide their services for six months to one year. So, this product gives a guaranty of long lasting production of lights at cost-effective rates in the market, so you can easily adapt this technology for branding your business in the market.
  • Offer Flexible Designing: with the use of neon lights, you can design your logo, business tag line and other products’ names without any hassles. It provides full fledge control over making design, the usability of colors, and fonts. So you can create own unique design of a logo to make it apart from the crowd. All you need to do is to approach the professional neon signage service provider to design a signboard for your store or bar.

In whole, we can say that the neon bulbs offer numerous benefits in all aspects of branding including cost-efficiency, freedom of designing the logo, energy efficiency and longevity. To fetch more and more customers towards your store, neon lighting can play a vital role, so go for it and make your store more appealing and dashing.

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