Useful Tips To Evaluate Online Reviews About A Will Lawyer

Posted by smith clea on February 19th, 2020

Getting a will drafted is a big deal because you are planning out how to legally pass all of your assets and belonging onto your loved ones after you die. As a result, you need to make sure you find the right professional to help you make sure it’s properly drafted and legally binding. Will and trust law is a complex practice - so how do you find and evaluate someone who focuses in this type of law?

We wrote this article to give you some useful tips on how to evaluate online reviews about a will lawyer. This should help you in your search for an experienced professional who will do an amazing job for you. The last thing you want to do is find out the person who drafted your will wasn’t as experienced as you thought. 

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Tip#1: Are there more positive reviews than negative reviews?

This may seem obvious, but sometimes people get hung up if they find one bad review. The truth is, you need to look at the review profile as a whole. If the profile as a whole is outstanding and there is an outlier, a couple negative reviews may not be the end of the world.Misunderstanding happen from time to time.

For all you know, the issue was resolved to the satisfaction of the poster, they just never followed up to remove the negative review. Unfortunately, people are much more likely to leave reviews if they are mad, than if they received good service. That’s why a positive review should be weighted much heavier.

Tip#2: Does the attorney or law firm reply to negative reviews?

As previously stated, it’s not uncommon to find a negative review here and there. If you do find a negative review, you should see if the attorney or law firm replied to it. Did they give an explanation of what went wrong? Does it seem like there was just a miscommunication? Did the attorney address the problem and give a reasonable explanation and solution? This is a good opportunity to see if the attorney is willing to go the extra mile to service clients.

Tip#3: Do the positive reviews look authentic, or do they look like templates?

Some people try to game the system by posting fake reviews, but these are usually very easy to spot. Usually they are short and sound very similar. It’s much less common to find fake reviews in legal services vs and industry like e-commerce. Attorneys face a lot of scrutiny and need to protect their reputations. 

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Tip#4: The best way to evaluate an attorney(The Most Important)

The best way to evaluate an attorney is to setup an initial consultation to meet with them. This is an important step in the process to getting a will drafted. It’s also the best way to get a sense of whether or not the attorney is invested in their clients.

The initial consultation allows you to get all of your questions answered and build a rapport with the attorney. It also allows the attorney the opportunity to understand your needs and provide you with a flat fee quote. If you have done your research and you get a good feeling from the lawyer you should go with your gut and hire the lawyer you like the best.

The Conclusion

Internet reviews can be a helpful resource to get a sense of what it is like to work with an attorney. But be conscious of the fact that you shouldn’t solely base your choice on online reviews. Some attorneys may be great lawyers, but are not technically savvy.

Some negative reviewers may have had their complaints solved, but forgot to take down the review. When seeking the services of a will lawyer, it’s always best to set up a risk-free initial consultation to speak about your goals so that you can find out what it would be like to work with the attorney, consult Rochester law center for initial consultation.

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