The Most Fertile Land in the Cyclades Island - Naxos Greece

Posted by AngeloEverton on April 12th, 2012

Naxos Greece is a fertile land, located in the Cyclades Island. It is one of the largest of all islands in this entire region. Guarded by natural beauty and surrounded by beautiful oceans, Naxos travel can be an experience that travelers would remember throughout their lives.

Coming to Naxos Greece, either in summers or winters can make hearts melt. Because it is the largest island of all Cyclades islands and it is also the most fertile land in the region, people love to visit this place to capture a few moments of beauty and natural comfort. Naxos travel plan should include all the important spots that contribute to the beauty and popularity of this amazing island.

The Aegean island, as it is commonly known, Naxos Greece was inhabited in 4000 BC. It is located in the center of this ancient Cycladic culture. The best way to come to Naxos Greece is through a ferry visitors will be greeted by Portara, which is a large stone, sculptural entrance built in the 522 BC. It is the doorway to the Apollo temple. There are several ruins, which includes monasteries, castles and temples. All these places are of archaeological preference that can only be found on the Naxos Island.

Naxos travel will not be complete if Hora is not visited. Hora is the largest and also the capital city of Naxos Greece. It is also a home to more than 7000 people. The ancient ruins depict the real culture of this island, which has been widely displayed here.

While the main industry of Naxos Greece is agriculture, tourism is quickly becoming an important part of the development of this island. Naxos travel has been encouraged over the years and the easy access to several beaches and ruins have made this place even more popular. Naxos beaches are most sought-after for their white sands and natural beauty can be found all over the island. This is one notable Greek island that offers opportunities for a host of water activities and windsurfing too.

Naxos Greece is known to be the most fertile island in the entire Cyclades. It offers optimum environment for crowing agricultural crops and vegetation. In addition, the climatic condition of this place ensures excellent cattle breeding facilities too. The highest mountain range in this island is the Mount Zas that was named after the Greek lord Zeus. This mountain range traps clouds to permit greater rainfall. Water supply is excellent in this region. It is indeed a pleasure to see and learn about the cultivation and natural environment of this island, which makes it an exceptional holiday spot.

Naxos travel is inviting because of its best quality vineyard. The island produces the most amazing wine called Kitron. Kitron is liquor that is typically made on this island. It is made from citrus fruits, akin to lemon. The other alcoholic beverage is Raki, which is also produced on the island of Naxos Greece.

Naxos Greece is a lovely location. Naxos travel should be on the list for people who love to tour the world.

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