Wedding Shower Gifts That Show Love for the Couple

Posted by Willow Tree on February 19th, 2020

Finding the right gift for a wedding shower can be a challenge. It needs to express your love for the couple, send a meaningful message, and be something they both enjoy and will use or display. The following are gift ideas that any couple would love to receive.

For the Wedding: Cake Topper

The first idea is for a practical gift, a cake topper with figures representing the happy couple. There are a few options for figurative sculpture cake toppers, each involving a couple in a loving pose. You could give them a cake topper of a man and woman holding each other. From one angle, they appear to be dancing, and from another angle, they seem to be kissing. It’s perfect for a couple about to marry, and they can use it as a cake topper for their wedding if they haven’t decided on another. It also makes a beautiful decoration around the house and can be used on anniversary cakes.

For Their Home: A Figurative Sculpture

A decoration showcasing the love between the couple is an excellent option they can show off around the house. Figurative sculptures in poses that show how the couple cares for each other are ideal for this. A man sitting while a woman stands, draped over him, holding his shoulder while the man holds her hand shows the love and support shared between the soon-to-be-weds. Another option shows more of a romance between the couple, with a man holding the woman from behind. One of the woman’s hands rests on the arm wrapped around her, while the other reaches up and behind to hold his head. It represents finding a true partner in love and life.

For a Tradition: Nativity Figurines

Whether it’s starting a new family tradition or adding to an existing one, nativity figurines are fantastic wedding shower gifts. Gifts for holidays can add on to the set, from wise men to angels, from background elements to the Holy Family. While traditionally displayed at Christmas, the pieces can also be displayed year-round. This is especially true of angel figures, which offer sentiments of life, joy, and hope. Using separate figurative sculptures means they can customize their nativity scene, as well. They can create a symmetrical scene, with an equal amount of sculptures on either side or create a procession up to the Holy Family. If they don’t already have the tradition in place, a gift of a different figure once per year can help complete the scene.

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Willow Tree® figures represent the strong bonds and relationships forged between us and our friends, family, and pets. Artist Susan Lordi’s intimate line of artwork aims to comfort and inspire the recipient. Each piece is cast from her original handcrafted carvings in her Kansas City, Missouri studio, and then individually painted by hand. Her signature Willow Tree® sculptures are easy to recognize by their simplicity of form. In place of facial features, gestures such as a tilt of the head, a turn of the body, or a placement of the hands reveal emotion. This leaves the interpretation of each piece open to both the giver and receiver. Willow Tree® offers a meaningful variety of nativity set options, artful sculptures, angel ornaments, cake toppers, bereavement and memorial gifts, plaques, and much more.

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