How to Quickly Improve Surfing Fitness for Competitions

Posted by rohny01 on February 19th, 2020

Have you been planning to particulate in some surfing competition to be a pro in this sport? Well if yes, then before you move into the phase of the competition, you should pay attention to improving your surfing fitness at the best. This improvement in your surfing fitness will increase your chances to win the competition. Surfing is the game which is all about balancing yourself on the board.

So let’s discuss a few basic tips with you right here:

Perform Training at High Intensities

You should be training yourself in surfing for the shortest time period at the range of high intensities. You should be practicing at a specific range of movements that you need or want to master yourself.  You should be performing within 20-25minites of the intense surfing to achieve your goal.   You should be repeating this whole scenario for at least 3-4 times on a daily basis. This has been one of the quickest methods through which you can improve your surfing fitness at the best.

Know your Weakness and Strengths

You should be having quick know-how about your weaknesses as well as strengths.  When it comes to surfing you should always be playing with your strengths. If you are overconfident then probably you will skip paying attention to your weaknesses. This is the point where you make a mistake. You should balance your weaknesses and strengths together to achieve success.  No one is perfect as everyone has downfalls and rise points.

Performing paddle fitness

Paddle fitness is known out to be one of the most amazing surfing competitions and enjoyment. Hence as you start to surf, you should be spending at least 20-25 minutes on a daily basis to work on your paddling power along with the speed.  You should be putting an effort to catch maximum waves as it is possible and should be surfing your brain all out on every single wave.  Getting into the greater efficiency of the faster paddles will enable you to get back into your position quickly.

Rhythm, Power & Flow

Another most important thing to keep in mind is about having a balanced stroke in your flow, power and rhythm. This is so much important to achieve success in surfing. If you are not surfing with the flow and do not balance your body power with the waves, then definitely it can cause big trouble for you.  Almost all sorts of sport are based on these criteria.

Lastly and in the end, we will give you a personal suggestion which is about practicing! Always remember that practicing makes the man perfect.  No matter even if you are a master and pro in any profession, stepping into the practice session will definitely be helpful for you to know about the basics of any sport.  If you want to achieve success in any surfing competition, then make sure you are first of all paying attention to your fitness skills and improving your minor weakness in this sport.

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