Campus Placement Interview Tips that Will Help You Get Hired

Posted by NIMCJ on February 19th, 2020

Campus interviews are important as they give the most required kick-start to the career of fresher. Unlike the interview of an experienced person, campus interviews focus more on the code of conduct than skills. If you are looking for campus interview tips, you are going to learn all must know campus interview tips for freshers in this blog.

What To Do?

Each candidate must give personalized answers to win the heart of the employers, but there is some basic etiquette that all candidates must keep in mind while preparing for a campus interview:

  • The first campus interview tip is you must dress-up according to the role you are applying. The first impression is the last impression and your attire often creates the first impression.

  • You must present a confident side of yours. Do not show overconfidence or under-confidence.

  • Be on time. In fact, reaching 10 to 15 minutes earlier can be even better so you get time to relax and compile yourself to face the interviewer.

  • Accept your weaknesses. This is one of the most important interview tips for a fresher and an experienced person as well. Accept your weaknesses and show attitude to learn new things to overpower these weaknesses.

  • Keep a copy of all important documents such as grade cards, degree certificates, etc. Keep them well arranged so you can give the required document immediately when asked for.

  • Be crisp and clear. This is one of the effective campus interview tips. Do not complicate answers with over-explanation.

  • Do not shorten the answers. You must not answer just “yes” or “no”. Use formal language.

  • Ask thoughtful questions. Asking questions will show your enthusiasm and interest in the offered job. However, be cautious. Do not ask too many questions. Also, do not ask questions related to perks and packages. One of the important campus interview tips for freshers is that never show the greedy side of yours.

  • Keep your posture correct. Twitching much or being too stiff could create a negative image.

  • Use light perfume. You must have soothing fragrance, but it should not load the room with too much smell which distracts the interviewer.

  • Be positive. It means you must take everything positively even criticism. Also, do not share any negative thoughts about anything or anyone. You must keep a positive light around you.

  • Go with some research about the company so you can show your interest in getting this job.

What Kind of Questions Can Be There?

It is very dynamic. Based on the role and interviewer, questions can vary. However, you must want to learn the top commonly asked questions while you are learning about how to prepare for a campus interview. Here you go:

  • Tell me something about yourself – most commonly asked question in all interviews.

  • Tell me about your top X strengths and weaknesses

  • Where do you see yourself after X years?

  • Why should we hire you?

These are the top questions asked by the interviewers and these are the top campus interview tips that can help you excel in your upcoming interview. Having any questions? Contact us.

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