Fat Burning Workouts That Support Adrenals and Double Your Results

Posted by adairsawyer on April 14th, 2012

Those who decide to shed pounds of fat can initially feel fired up but when figure sets in from your adrenals getting burnt out, out goes the willpower. Motivation initially is high, resolve is solid and adrenaline is pumping during the first few fat burning workouts. The feeling of adrenal fatigue after intense aerobic sessions and resistance routines is a convincing sign of a body that is wore out. In fact, you might choose to increase the frequency of trips to the gym, but this fails because you have not let your body recover or there is no support for your adrenals. You might think, more exercise will eliminate more fat, right? Much to your disappointment, a month passes and your body mass index shows little progress in the fight against fat. You walk away convinced that you are permanently wired to carry extra blubber.

Often in cases like this, the neglected factor that serves as a key to fat loss is rest. Sleep helps support your adrenals (the stress gland). While it may be counter-intuitive, exercise bears its beneficial fruit when you are not exercising. Following fat burning workouts, the body will require a recovery time of 14 to 48 hours depending on the individual. If the stress of the workout is then re-imposed on the same body before its unique recovery period is complete, the fat burning is interrupted and previous exercise is undermined. A good night’s sleep is central to those restoration hours. This is supported by the University of Chicago study that demonstrates greater fat loss among the well-rested as opposed to the sleep-deprived.

Restricting your fat burning workouts to every other day can spur a marked increase in fat loss compared to working out every day. This spacing between sessions allows muscles time to regenerate and cells time to re-charge. Fat metabolism increases, as well. Furthermore, working out every other day prevents over-training, which can disturb normal sleep patterns. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published findings that show metabolism is maximized when sleep cycles are of a sufficient length, normally about eight hours.

If you are engaging in fat burning workouts on a daily basis – and are dissatisfied with the (lack of) results – you might consider cutting your frequency of sessions by half. You also need to find a supplement to support adrenal fatigue. For adrenal support, see this link for information about Dr. Berg’s Adrenal Body Type Support.

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