Tips to clear PMP and CAPM programs

Posted by EducationEdge on February 19th, 2020

Before doing the project management program we need to complete one exam. The PMP exam is nowadays the most competitive exam which cannot be cleared within a short period. You need to do a lot of hard work and put in an effort to clear it. There are a few tips that will easily help you with the PMP exam prep. These tips are:


  • Take a strong initiation that you have to clear the exam and put in all the best efforts 
  • Take many mock tests and do not feel ashamed if you cannot score better. This builds confidence in you to sit for the main examination.
  • You can take the help of an exam material named PMP Exam Preparation Book. You will get all the subjects which you want.
  • There are various training available for PMP which provides better help. You will also get the programs online which will be more benefit able for you. 
  • Make a target of attempting the number of questions. Take minimum time in completing the target this will increase your speed. This is one of the best processes for clearing the main examination.


  • Plan your time for the exam preparation. Everyone has their hectic life but you have to take out at least 3 hours for the preparation.
  • Sacrifice your free time and use it for exam preparation. Reduce spending times on social media and watching movies.
  • Give free time from your place of work which will help you to solve at least 8 questions.
  • Concentrate much more on your scores and learn from your mistakes which will help you much more to clear the main exam
  • Make a daily routine of your preparation.


  • Keep practising sample papers on the day of your preparations. Do not take it lightly that it would be done. This way it would result in nothing.
  • When you are getting free time in the office try to gather more knowledge as much as you can. Take your materials which will help you utilize your time.
  • Be a part of the discussion forums where you can express your ideas. 
  • Try to consult the persons who have a PMP certification. They will give you the best tips to clear the exam. 


  • Try to monitor your preparation. It provides you with a scorecard which indicates your level and how much quantity of preparation you require.
  • Keep a record of the attempted questions and check the correct answers for every wrong answer.
  • Maintain an excel document of how many questions you are attempting. This will help you to increase the number of questions you are attempting daily. 

There are few tips available for the CAPM Exam prep which is the Certified Associated Project Management Program. These are different tips from the PMP exams they are: 

  • Change the procedure of your studying. For the PMP exam if you had to study for 7 hours then for this preparation you have to devote at least 12 hours to your study.
  • Double-check the results of your sample tests daily. This double-checking will help you by giving a better certification.
  • Use the best available latest materials where you will get all the updated knowledge.
  • There is a CAPM exam outline which displays the procedure of the exam. Try to go through all the details.

 So start preparing today for both the exams, as it will help you develop a better project management program.

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