Choosing bunk beds with your kids could help in making the right selection

Posted by juliabennet on April 16th, 2012

We all know that safety is vital when it comes to purchasing bunk beds. However, after safety, you should also consider the overall style and design of the bed. Design adds a level of fun and interest and of course, functionality to the bed. There are tons of designs for children’s beds but each kid will have a different interest from the other. How do you make the right decisions for the bed of your kids? Here are some helpful tips so that you can buy a fabulous bunk bed that everybody will love to be in, especially your own kids.

Choose designs based on your kid's interests
If you have two girls, talk to them about what they like. Do they like beds that have a flower theme or do they just like colorful bunk beds. If you have two boys, do the same thing to find something that fits their interests. If you have a boy and girl. It could get complicated. As such, choose a neutral option for the beds so that it feels like it could work for both boy or girl and just add a duvet cover that fits to their interests. This is a very effective way to still fit in their own personality and choices for beds without compromising your own decisions.

Choose a combination of materials
Bunk beds made entirely out of wood can be expensive. Metal beds are nice and cheap but it all depends on how the design looks. Some beds can be very modern, using plastics, fiber glass and other unique materials to create durable yet more complex designs. Wood and metal tend to be a perfect combination. Wood frame adds a very homey appeal while the metal details can give it a modern flair. Of course, it all depends on your budget so if you have money for bunk beds carved from wood, then buy one.

Choose designs that grow with your child
More than just design, the bunk beds must also adapt to the needs of your kids as they grow up. They will eventually want to have separate rooms, or at the very least, separate beds so always bear that in mind. You may want a design where the top bed can be removed and placed as a separate single bed. You could also opt to have the bottom part removed and keep the top bed on a loft style and then implement a desk or cabinet for added storage. Always consider these ideas so that when they grow, you will not need to buy new beds in a couple of years or so.

Always consider your child's input
Ask your child what he or she wants. They may want bunk beds so that they can use the bottom part as a makeshift sofa. They might like slides or a flight of stairs instead of ladders. They might want an L shaped design for bunk beds compared to a conventional one. Children’s beds should be purchased to appeal to how they want to use the room and how they want to perceive their ideal bedroom. It is their room, anyway, so they should have some opinion. Show they different options for bunk beds.

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