What about the development of the laundry equipment industry

Posted by hw on February 19th, 2020

Laundry equipment industry development, from the point of the present situation, has complies with the requirements, more energy conservation and environmental protection products using all of them are some of the stainless steel material processing, and they have a certain damping structure, the entire product from some washing, slowly developed into a set of complete washing system, has introduced more advanced technology, even a more qualified equipment, in the process of actual delivery, all of them are using the computer to carry out integrated control, also has a series of automatic washing center, every hour can handle one thousand two hundred kg of clothes, They all have a choice of different washing standards.

At the same time, today's laundry equipment in the process of actual development, has been moving into the direction of three-dimensional, in the whole running at the same time, with the operation of the different structure, and they all have their own some operation standard, the average velocity, namely within 20 meters per minute, at the same time has the structure of double drum washing machines, with all of them are some of the reducer driven directly, in the process of machining, the structure is very simple, and from the appearance point of view, this is very luxurious, the whole work is absolutely reliable.

Laundry machines all have their own features, the accuracy of their products is relatively high, especially low noise, with the development of automation, from the appearance point of view, is also very beautiful, all of them are using computer to control, and can be done in some different ways of automatic folding, transportation is very high, has its own features.

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