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Best Stem Cell Treatments and Cosmetic Procedures in New York and Dubai

Posted by victorregenerative on February 19th, 2020

Medical science has always helped the human race in remaining healthy and living a long life. The latest offering of medical science is the stem cell therapy which is a new bio technique which has received a lot of attention of scientists all around the world. It is known to be the most effective way of treating cosmetic concerns. Whether you're hoping to improve your body's contour, enlarge your breasts, buttocks, or erase the signs of aging from your face, there are numerous ways offered by stem cell treatments and cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired results.

Now you can avail of the best stem cell treatments and cosmetic procedures in New York and Dubai. The services includes treatments for Botox, fillers-Injectable, fat sculpting face lift with stem cells, belotero, disport, silicone, prp micro-droplet treatment (vampire facial) and more.

Stem cell cosmetic treatments also includes treatment for acne + acne scar treatment, cortisone injections, hair loss treatment + transplantation, liquid face lift, melanoma, melisma, seborrheic keratosis, skin exams, topical steroids and surgical fat sculpting face-lift with stem cells. There are treatments for cellulite correction as well as ear piercing offered by expert Certified in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy.

The popular options involve lasersculpt - laser liposuction, scar revision, ear repair for pierced ears all of these options have benefits and produce desired results. Each however requires expert intervention and care. The breakthrough is provided by cosmetic procedures that utilize stem cell technology. Most cosmetic stem cell procedures are minimally-invasive so the procedure-specific risks are practically non-existent. Usually there is no general anesthesia or a scalpel involved. None of them involve foreign substances to which the patient may be allergic; have a negative reaction immediately or even years after the actual procedure.

In addition the technology for performing cosmetic stem cell procedures is so sophisticated and gentle that the procedures can be performed on outpatient basis, in the doctor's office. Consequently, the recovery time is very brief; the length depends on the extent of a specific procedure.

Medical Dermatologist | Cosmetic Dermatologist | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)Dr. Steven Victor and his medical team at Victor Regenerative Medical Centers (VRMC) would like to announce that they have recently opened their superb new medical facility at 460 Park Avenue on the 17th Floor (NW corner of Park and 57th Street), in conjunction with the VRMC medical practice. Also Dr. Victor is available in Dubai and for consultation call +1-917-402-9551 (WhatsApp) or email

For more information about stem cell treatments and cosmetic procedures in New York and Dubai visit our website

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