Top 5 best Surgeons and Hospitals for Pediatric Urology in India.

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Pediatric Urology is a medical-surgical subspecialty that deals with the disorders of the genitourinary systems of children. Pediatric urologists undertake care of both girls and boys from birth to early adulthood. Children’s urinary and genital conditions can be diagnosed, treated and controlled by a pediatric urologist. If your child has a genital or urinary tract kidney disease or condition, ureters, bladder, a pediatric urologist has the experience and skills to treat your child. A pediatric urologist will devote at least 75% of his or her practice to the urological issues of children. A pediatric urology team will examine your child in detail, review reports, prescribe the required tests, and make therapy recommendations best for your children.

Best Pediatric Urologist Surgeons in India:

  1. Dr. Arbinder Singal: - He is a pediatric surgeon with 22years of rich experience in this field with his specializations in male reproductive organs of children and medical-surgical division focused on the male and female urinary tract.
  2. Dr. Vinit J Shah: - Dr. Vinit J Shah is a Urologist and Urology surgeon in Kemps Corner, Mumbai and has 23 years of experience in this field. He helped the number of patients worldwide by surviving in many renowned hospitals.
  3. Dr. Prashant Jain: - Dr. Prashant Jain is a leading name for pediatric surgery and urology specialization and super specialty care coordinator in India. He was widely acclaimed for his flexible, patient-centered approach. He is one of the most affordable urologists in India.
  4. Dr. Ravindra Varma: - Dr. Varma, by doing first lap donor nephrectomy in this part of the state, has brought new urology parameters to this quaint little area. He has 23 years of clinical experience in the treatment of urological cases.
  5. Dr. Shandip Sinha: - Dr. Sinha is a pediatric surgeon and urologist who has a particular interest in minimally invasive pediatric surgery and reconstructive urology. He has over 10 years of experience in pediatric surgery in super-specialty hospitals in India and in the UK.

Best Pediatric Hospitals for children’s in India:

  1. Fortis Hospital, Bangalore: - Fortis Health care recognized as Asia’s largest and fastest-growing hospital network – has dedicated itself to being the country’s leading provider of healthcare services by offering quality, skilled health care and comfort to all patients.
  2. Urology and Andrology Clinic, Nagpur: - Urology and Andrology Clinic is popular for clinical urologists. The aim is to provide a supportive medical environment to make the experience enjoyable.  
  3. Artemis Hospital, Gurugram Haryana: - It is a multi-specialty hospital located at Gurugram, India. Artemis Hospital is the first hospital in Gurugram approved by JCI and NABH. 
  4. Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai: - This hospital is a pediatric cardiologist hospital situated in Thousands lights, Chennai. Child vaccination, a coronary angiogram, heart and catheterization, intestinal gastrointestinal disease, and keyhole surgery is among the services provided by this hospital.
  5. Urology Centre Clinic Surgery Hospital, Delhi: - It is the best hospital for urology for children in the capital of India. With best surgeons all advanced medical facilities and technology. It is the top pediatric urology hospital in india

Cost efficient Laparoscopic Pediatric Urology treatment in India.

India Laparoscopy Surgery Site offers some very affordable urology treatment packages. Patients can take advantage of benefits such as the services of the finest urologists, diagnosis treatment or after surgery counseling, use of the latest world-class technologies, care of professional assistants and more. In comparison to the western countries, they assure painless treatment and a high success rate at completely lower rates. There are best pediatric urologists in delhi and hospitals which gives successful results at very less cost. The cost of Laparoscopic Pediatric Urology treatment in India varies according to the medical problems, condition, and complications of the patients. The cost differs after considering various factors as well.

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