What Causes Heart Murmurs?

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Heart murmurs are identified as unique sounds that are developed in the course of your heartbeat cycle. Heart murmurs are characterized by whooshing or swishing sounds created every so often because of the turbulent flow of blood inside or close to your heart. These unique sounds can be perceived by means of a stethoscope. A regular heartbeat evokes two back-to-back sounds “lubb-dupp” which indicate the closure of your heart valves.

  • According to a cardiologist from a heart hospital Patna, the condition of heart murmurs can develop as a consequence of a congenital defect or afterward in life.
  • Even though heart murmurs don’t specify any disease yet they can be indicative of an underlying heart condition.
  • More often than not, heart murmurs are harmless in nature and aren’t in need of any treatment.
  • However, a few heart murmurs may need follow-up tests for you to be absolutely sure of the fact that the murmur isn’t the aftermath of a severe latent heart problem.
  • Treatment, if necessary is always directed to nip the exact cause of your heart murmur in the bud.

What causes heart murmurs?

As per a heart specialist in Patna, heart murmurs are classified into two types namely innocent murmurs and abnormal murmurs.

  1. Innocent heart murmurs
  • Someone with innocent heart murmurs has a normally functioning heart.
  • Innocent heart murmurs come into being with extremely rapid flow of blood through your heart in comparison with the normal flow speed.
  • The several conditions that may result in a speedy flow of blood through your heart leading to an innocent heart murmur include the following.

o    Exercise or any other form of physical activity

o    Pregnancy

o    Fever

o    The lack of sufficient healthy red blood corpuscles for carrying ample oxygen from the heart to the tissues in your body, characterized by anemia

o    Superfluous presence of thyroid hormone in your body, a condition referred to as hyperthyroidism

o    Phases related to expeditious growth like adolescence

  • Over time, innocent heart murmurs usually disappear.
  • Alternatively, they may last a whole life short of ever giving rise to aggravated health problems.
  • An innocent heart murmur is more commonly found among newborns and children.
  1. Abnormal heart murmurs
  • As per a cardiologist from a heart hospital in Patna, inherent structural problems with the heart engender abnormal heart murmurs.
  • Commonly occurring congenital defects giving rise to heart murmurs take in the following.
  • Cardiac shunts or holes in the heart

o    Holes in the heart are recognized as septal defects.

o    They may or may not have much severity, which surely depends on the hole’s size as well as its location.

o    The occurrence of cardiac shunts takes place when an abnormal flow of blood between the blood vessels or heart chambers leads to the generation of abnormal heart murmurs.

  • Heart valve abnormalities

o    As stated by a cardiologist in Patna these are essentially inherited heart defects which are present right from the time of birth but discovered only later in life.

o    Instances consist of heart valves that disallow the passage of sufficient blood through them (a condition referred to as stenosis) or fail to close properly thereby prompting blood to leak (a condition referred to as regurgitation).

Note that the majority of heart murmurs aren’t very serious. However, if you or a loved one has a heart murmur, see a doctor at Paras, the best hospital in Patna. Your doctor will keep you well informed if your heart murmur is of the innocent variety and calls for no treatment or abnormal variety so that its underlying cause can be diagnosed and treated.

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