What is a cleanroom?

Posted by DulceLienau on February 19th, 2020

The concept of cleanrooms implies a room of a particular area, whereby using special equipment, a fixed number of mechanical particles of a specific size, suspensions, chemical compounds per unit of air volume are maintained. The design is thought out to minimize the introduction and generation of particles within the premises.

Only the number of particles per unit volume of air is subjected to control. Mass concentration does not matter. This property is a distinctive feature of cleanrooms. Fractions ranging in size from 0.1 to 5 microns are taken into account.

Why clean rooms

The need to use this type of room is due to the allocation of personnel, equipment, building structures of many particles that become a source of pollution. Compliance with clean standards established standards provides the ability to control the movement of particles. Ultimately, suitable conditions are created for the manufacture of products in a Controlled environment.

The use of cleanrooms is relevant to many industries. The main criterion is the possibility of disruption of the functioning of finished products or reduction of their life due to the entrance of the smallest foreign particles. The relevance of strict compliance with requirements for the level of cleanliness in a particular room is increasing. It should be bear in mind that the creation of such a place is only part of the activities. You will also need to use the equipment, clothing for staff that emits a minimal amount of polluting elements. The strict observance by the personnel of the rules of work in a cleanroom is also essential.

The purpose of cleanrooms is to maintain a given level of airspace cleanliness within the designated framework, taking into account the requirements of technological processes that have increased sensitivity to pollutants.

Types of cleanrooms

The specifics of the air supply system. Design, the size of the cost of creation, is mostly due to the nature of the airflow. The following cleanroom conditions are distinguished:

constructed: the room is prepared for operation; however, it does not have technological equipment, necessary materials, no working personnel;

equipped: the place is ready for work, it has debugged technical machine, there are no people;

The use of automated technical means ensures the cleanliness of the airspace of the Clean Room Rental Murieta. Ways to achieve the goal include organizational activities and the use of protocols that prevent the entry of pollution from outside with the help of staff.

Specified criteria determine the types and types of cleanrooms.

By the method of providing ventilation:

Turbulently ventilated clean room. Air mass is supplied using air distributors or ceiling filters. The classic version of the air supply is a crucial feature of the rooms.

Cleanroom with laminar airflow. Air mass enters the room thanks to a system of highly efficient filtering structures. When air passes through the room, the specified direction of movement is maintained. Allow for a higher level of purity.

Clean areas of modular variety. They are used within a cleanroom to ensure the highest level of pollution protection. Such mini-zones for separation of a production site with increased sensitivity to pollution are created by installing physical barriers. Within this limited space, a higher quantity of high-quality air is provided in comparison with the other volume of the room.

If there is any setback with the equipments in cleanroom we should directly contact to contract manufacturer.

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