How do I find a zip code?

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(I'll tell you right away that this is the address of the ice cream cafe, which I got first on the map, plus the invented apartment number ?) And now decipher! The name of the recipient. Well, everything is clear here, we write the name and surname of the recipient of the letter / parcel, ie who - Ivan Pupkin. There is no concept of patronymic in the U.S., so you do not need to write it. If you write in any oraganization, on the first line you write the name of this firm/company/educational institution instead of the name. The house number and the street. House number 11301 is always just a house number, at least in Los Angeles. Corps and whatever else I haven't seen around here. There's a lot of things about the streets. In this case, we have West Olympic Boulevard. Our streets are very often divided into sides of the world: west, south, north east. Why is that? Probably because just the city is very big and these boulevards are very long, and the sides of the world help this boulevard to divide into parts and somehow to distinguish more accurately the places on the maps and navigators. As for Boulevard, there are also streets that are Street and Avenue, which are Avenue, and it is worth noting that the street names in address writing can be shortened to W Olympic Blvd format. - i.e. West is shortened to the first letter of W, and will also be from North (N), South (S), East (E). All this alphabetic nonsense can be important when you enter the address you are going to go to in your navigation device. I don't know if you can get several identical house numbers on the same street, but why check it, isn't it? ?We went instead of a park with cactuses and pink roses to L.A. Compton's most shabby and criminal neighborhood once, because there was some local library with the same name as the park, which is in a very beautiful and even expensive part of town. An article about how we got to Compton. ✍️По about the reduction of boulevards, streets and avenues we get: Boulevard (Blvd.), Street (St.), Avenue (Ave.). Ah yes! In the USA with streets also there is a brilliant idea - it is to call streets by numbers! It's just a street once, a street twice, a street three and they all go in parallel to each other. For example, open a map of Santa Monica on Google and you will see that from the ocean and inland there are streets with numbering. Very convenient! The main thing again is not to confuse the streets in different parts of the city, because the same Downtown LA has number one street and number two street and so on, as in Santa Monica. There are times when lost people ask passers-by how to get to street number five while they are on street number three. ? Tourists! The apartment number. Apartments in America are called Apartment (short for Apt.), not all the rums and flutes we taught in school ? So in our address we write Apt. 100 is the square number 100. The same variant can specify a room (for example, in a hotel), office and so on. City, State, Index. With the city, everything is simple - Los Angeles, with the state in general, too, California - means CA (California). States are almost always represented by an abbreviation of two letters (look, don't get confused, not everywhere in the abbreviation the first two letters of the name are used, as in the state of California, maybe Virginia (Virginia) with the abbreviation VA). The index, aka zip code or just zip 90064, is one of the main things in writing addresses in America and in orienteering in general. Since cities are as big as our Los Angeles, the index plays a big role. For example, if you want to see the same ice cream café closest to your home, go to their site and enter the zip, the site shows you. You go to the site with cool cars, a window fell out and asks your zip (something they are there to track). And so on... In general, you need to know your index in the USA! ? It also happens that when shopping online and filling out your address with a zip 90064, it is attributed to it some more dials, for example, 90064-7003, do not be afraid, this is some of his postal addition, you do not need to remember it, the main main index number. By the way, when you enter your index on different websites and online stores, different areas of Los Angeles are highlighted. That's how we lived in the first apartment at the intersection of two districts, some parcels came to Northridge, others to some Porter Ranch. ? It's okay for our city. The country. Well, it's pretty clear here, USA. Just remember that the official name of the country is the United States of America, that is, the United States, not America. ? If you send a letter or parcel within a country, then USA is not a country to write. Well, the main thing to say here is that in Los Angeles (and all major cities) almost everyone drives on navigators! That's the whole secret! Who immediately built into the car, who bought separately, who just in the phone the same Google Maps. Even I was on the bus to work at first time with a map in my mobile phone, because the bus does not stop at all stops, rushes quickly and easier to follow the map where you're going than listen to

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