Having an emotional synergy can help you get a girl back.

Posted by maryparker on April 22nd, 2012

There are some things that science cannot address and only time can heal. Addressing a heartbreak is not rocket science but it is not like recess time also. It is not something that you can “fix.” It is something that you try to figure out and make a commitment to change. To get a girl back, some guys think too hard, too much and with very limited understanding. When met with the dilemma of a break up, we are too fast to try and win them back with reason. How to get back a girlfriend is not as easy as you think, simply because you just think, but not apply.

Logic is not always the right path

With all due respect to the Greek philosophers, but there are some things that are far more complex than the mind and that is emotions. A break up is like breaking an emotional bond. To get a girl back, you have to find a way to renew the bond because you can never undo what has already been done. That is a fact. You cannot convince a person to like you and you cannot convince someone to change her mind that easily. To get a girl back, you have to work in the emotional level and understand where she is coming from and what you could have invested emotionally.

The heart works in a different way

The heart reacts, and while the brain allows us to think, emotions can greatly affect how we react and how we feel about certain people and situations. Thus, we learn to understand the complexity of human emotions. It is something that cannot be fathomed by logic alone. Sometimes, we have to go beyond our comfort zone and really understand what it really feels. If you are too controlling, you lose the whole perspective of emotions and feelings. How to get back a girlfriend is not just with strategies. It also takes time and personal effort to make a change and to own up to these changes. It is a form of conditioning, a form of mind control if you may. But this time, for the better.

Tapping into emotions

To get a girl back, it is important to understand not only the things you have to do for her but also things you have to do to yourself. You cannot control her but you can appeal to her emotionally if you just understand what she wants in that level. Lack of understanding about the emotional needs of somebody is the most frustrating thing in a relationship since you may understand each other in a logical level, but in a much deeper level, you still have a long way to go to have that understanding. Succeeding on how to get her back greatly depends on how much effort you are willing to invest emotionally to make the relationship actually work. By understanding her and what it means to be in a relationship is a great step towards a successful comeback.

Logic may not be the perfect tool to get a girl back but there are some strategies and helpful tips to help you on winning her heat again. Our site is filled with tons of information on how to get back a girlfriend .

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