Money and good looks can only offer so much on how to get a girl back.

Posted by maryparker on April 22nd, 2012

When we are met with the reality of our girlfriends leaving us, we tend to find ways to substitute that feeling of emptiness and emotional scars. We are so used to going the easy way out in the relationship where we have to make ourselves better by first, making ourselves vulnerable to realities. Men tend to find desperate measures to be more likeable and they tend to go the money and looks route. We justify physical attractiveness to being successful in getting girls and we justify money as a way to get back ex. sadly, not all women are shallow and the really decent ones do not care for your money at all because FYI, they make their own money.

Things change once in a relationship

Sure, when you are trying to court a girl, having money does have its benefits. Having good looks also make you more appealing to others. However, when the relationship becomes more serious, the more important it becomes for men to go beyond this veneer of popularity and physical appeal because a lasting relationship can never be skin deep. As you develop deeper, you invest deeper emotionally. If you lack that faculty, this tends to concern your partner and you end up falling out of love. Now, to get a girl back, you cannot simply show her money and things you can buy or get her smitten again by your charms. A decent girl will not be too shallow to fall to such feats of vanity and selfishness.

It is not because of how you look

In the first place, a girl would not invest emotionally to someone with only your physical looks as a motivation. That would only mean a short term fling, until they find the flavor of the month. So if you think working out more, losing some fat or having a makeover will make you get back ex, you are in a completely different turf. It is more than what she sees. You may be projecting poor personality and this is affecting how you relate to her. Your selfishness and lack of empathy could also be the reason. To get back ex, you need to learn to let go of some of these feelings. Sure, she appreciates what you do, but that is not the point. Whatever it is that led to the breakup, you need to figure that out, not mask it with money or trying to use your looks to make yourself look like you have changed.

The path to a successful relationship always goes beyond hardships. It is simplistic to say that people who look good together tend to have better relationships. One cannot just someone as a good person or a perfect match until she has been with him personally. Relying on looks is a passive and often, results to nothing but empty results. You have to act on your mistakes and become a better person. It is with these things that you can get a girl back. It is complicated, tough and will challenge you but only with maturity will you be able to go beyond your misgivings and get back ex.

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