Respecting that cool off time might be the best way to get a girlfriend back

Posted by maryparker on April 22nd, 2012

One thing about break ups is that they will always cause some form of emotional distress to any person. The break up could have been on consensus or it could be quick and traumatic. No one can simply move on from a break up. It is painful and you will definitely be distraught. That is just one phase of it and sooner or later you have to get over and find peace in order to get a girlfriend back. That is right. Embracing that period after a breakup may not be the most pleasant things to experience especially if you had a great relationship with that person but if you want to get back ex, you have to learn and give time for both parties.

Isn’t that counterintuitive?

To get a girlfriend back, traditionally, you go out of your way and make everything right as soon as possible, thinking that some guy will try to take advantage of the situation. Firstly, you are not entitled to control her since you have your own things to do about yourself. Secondly, if you are too insecure about others, the more you are telling her that she has the power and she can toy with you and make you more insecure. To get back ex, you have to embrace the breakup especially if you both agreed to have this time alone from each other. This is a period when you can think about things and if this is what you really wanted. Are you too needy? Do you think you really are sincere with your emotions? You are the only one who could answer these questions. To get a girlfriend back, you have to have an answer to such pressing questions.

It takes time to heal

Respect that she needs time to recuperate emotionally. For someone who has put all her trust on you and suddenly it was all shattered, it takes a lot of effort to heal. You need to respect that. How can you get back ex, then? One simple message can do the trick. If you have agreed to meet one day in the future to talk things through, you respect that time before the meeting and figure out yourself as well. You have hurt her and you realized that there is nothing more that you could ask for if she welcomes you back.

Do not look depressed

Looking miserable will never help anybody. You want her to understand that you are sincere and you are not needy. You want to show her that you can carry yourself. It sounds counterintuitive but let’s face it: trying to get back ex by looking like a homeless guy is not attractive and effective. She might think you are insensitive but again, given that both of you have accepted to take this time to become better, it is important to be better, physically, intellectually and emotionally. Showing weakness only empowers them and shows them that they are right to leave you so if you want to get a girlfriend back.

There are tons of ways to get a girlfriend back . Nevertheless, it is important to focus on holistic methods and not just quick fixes. Our site offers insights on how to get back ex and help you become a better man.

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