There are different levels of change that will help you get a girl back

Posted by maryparker on April 22nd, 2012

Success in a relationship comes with a lot of challenges. Break ups are big concerns for couples because this makes them vulnerable for quite some time. They feel like things will never be the same again and they do not know if this is good or bad. The decision to get back your ex depends on many factors. To get a girl back, you have to make the right change. Which one is it? What should you do? How do you let her know that you are ready for a better beginning? How to get her back always is difficult but it is possible if you are clear and sincere with your intentions.

Do you love her because you need her or do you need her because you love her?

Making the change to get a girl back is based on what really motivates you to push for one more chance. Do you really love her? Sometimes we have to let people go if that is the case. If we are just trying to be take advantage of them due to our selfish and greedy intentions, then have a reality check, your motivation to get back your ex is flawed and it will only lead to a short term result. This is because you just want things like they were before, which leads us to the next part:

You can never go back to how it was before.

To get a girl back, you create a new bond, a new covenant. You cannot simply tell her that you want things back as it was before. She does not want that. She wants something better. Going back selectively about good memories only works when reminiscing the past. Every day is a new day and your purpose to get back your ex is really more of creating a new bond with her. Your emotional connection with her should not be used as a tool to make her feel that there is something to look forward to. You can never promise that things will be the same or you shouldn’t. To get back your ex, realize that she deserves so much more than the past.

Do you welcome change as part of the relationship?

Relationships will go bland, sour and bittersweet every now and then and to get back your ex, you have to first realize if this is something you have to embrace again. You cannot control situations and you cannot control her emotions and feelings. You can only make changes about yourself and you have to be true about it. Sincerity will always be appreciated. If she does not want to be in a relationship then try to respect her wishes. The important thing is that you show that you are willing to wait and that you really made the change for the better. This is the only way to get back your ex and be satisfied with the results no matter what. Let’s face it: certain situations will result to no’s but if you did the right thing, you will surely have a better chance at a happier relationship next time.

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