Can a 1.49 hand cream provide better care than its pricey rivals? Expert picks

Posted by aihw on February 19th, 2020

The biting cold, central heating and continuous washing create the perfect conditions for preventing bugs in winter
For people with eczema or other allergic skin diseases, the situation may be worse.
So, what kind of hand cream is most suitable for the skin with problems?
Dr. Daniel Grasse, a consultant dermatologist at the NHS Trust and dermatology clinic in northwest London, evaluated some of the most popular brands.
Then we rate them and find that you don\'t have to spend a lot of money on a good moisturizer --just £1. 49 will do it.
AVEENO\'s hand CREAM £ 3.
66 for 75 ml, piracy claim: formulated with colloidal oatmeal (
Fine ground oats suspended in liquid, so can be applied to the skin)
This is expected to moisturize within 24 hours.
And liquid paraffin and glycerin-
Well known moisturizing
In tests to improve the dryness and crack of the skin, colloidal oats have been shown.
This seems to work by opening the genes responsible for maintaining a strong skin barrier, which we know can be damaged in people with eczema and other allergic skin diseases.
Oats also have direct resistance.
9/10 Carth Keston drew Ross 12, Ocado for 100 ml.
ComThe claim: moisturizing, Rose-
Scented hand cream with shea butter, glycerin, rich in vitamin mixture, formulated using only natural ingredients-
So there is no parab Gold, sulfur or color.
Conclusion: shea butter has moisturizing effect.
Studies have shown that vitamin E found in this cream may promote wound healing.
However, the product also has a relatively long list of ingredients that contain some potential allergens that may stimulate the skin, especially perfume.
I recommend that my inflammatory rash patients insist on using simple products with as few ingredients as possible and always avoid any perfume.
4/10E45 night repair and protection.
Bootthe claim: a rich hand cream containing vitamin B3 and claiming to promote skin cell regeneration overnight for £ 50 ml.
Conclusion: the main component is liquid paraffin, which helps to improve the skin barrier
Dense cell layers responsible for preventing moisture loss and resisting bacteria, irritating substances and allergens.
It also contains silicone.
A chemical based on glycerin, which helps to improve the texture of the skin, is a kind of \"humor \"--
An ingredient that attracts moisture and helps the skin to keep it hydrated.
Vitamin B3 is thought to increase the yield of skin neuroceramics
Wax molecules that improve skin hydration
Collagen, a protein that keeps the skin tight and elastic.
In this way, it is possible to facilitate the regeneration of skin cells.
The proportion of liquid paraffin is large, which may be one of the reasons why it recommends overnight use.
8/10 EPADERM ointment 6.
89 lead claim for 125g: A 3-in-
1 ointment, can be applied directly to the skin, bathed or used as a cleaner.
Perfect for very dry, cracked skin.
Conclusion: I often recommend this to my patients.
It can be used either as a cleanser or as a moisturizer.
People with hand chapped should avoid using normal soap, as it usually contains a chemical called sodium silicate, which is too dry for their skin and is replaced by the use
The only downside is very greasy, which can make the hands shiny and smooth, so it\'s better to use it at night.
9/10 Skin Chemists launched caviar for £ 50 ml.
Requirements: caviar-
It contains creams that provide deep moisturizing while protecting the skin from harmful sunlight and other environmental pressures.
Other ingredients include seaweed extract and coconut oil.
Conclusion: caviar is an oily moisturizing ingredient, but no published data show it is a better moisturizer than liquid paraffin in other creams.
I don\'t

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