top chef who trained under marco pierre white and raymond blanc is told to pay

Posted by aihw on February 20th, 2020

A chef trained under Marco Pierre White and Raymond Blanco had to pay nearly £ 10,000 for diners after food poisoning
Cooked beef liver.
Food poisoning from a diner-
This is a serious version of food poisoning caused by bacteria on raw or uncooked cooked meat
On August 2015, at the Golden Ball restaurant in asendon, lower Oxfordshire, Stephen luscom\'s famous restaurant ate meat.
Another customer was poisoned with food, while others developed symptoms after eating another dish that contained meat from the restaurant recommended by the theMichelin guide.
The Oxford Magistrates Court heard that a few days later, parliamentary officials made a surprise visit to top restaurants and found that the liver of the package cals was cooked at too low temperatures.
The restaurant was found to have no agreement to ensure high
The risk ingredients were cooked properly and no food safety records were monitored for three months.
Luscombe, who has run the restaurant since 2008, admitted that the food provided was not safe because it was not well cooked and did not implement and maintain food safety procedures required by the law. Including those high for safe cookingrisk foods.
He told Henry standard that this would never happen again and he was proud of the reputation of his restaurant. This is one-
\'I am very sorry about this,\' he said.
\"I accept the court\'s position and I have learned from it and have taken all the appropriate steps to ensure that similar things will not happen in the future.
He also highlighted the Court\'s comments on his previous food.
Security record, which lowered his fine and claimed that he would continue to run his restaurant proudly.
Luscombe cuts teeth at London\'s top restaurants, works under Marco Pierre White and Herbert Berger, and then works under Raymond Blanco, the famous Le Manoir aux Quat\' in Milton, Oxfordshire
On Thursday, May 11, he was fined £ 4,434 at the Oxford Magistrate\'s Court and ordered to pay £ 5,284 plus a victim surcharge of £ 120.
After the incident, the restaurant\'s door food hygiene score was raised from 1 out of 5 to 5.
Diane Moore, food and safety manager, South Oxfordshire District Council, said: \"This case shows how important it is for businesses to comply with food hygiene rules and ensure safe food consumption.
Liver is a good thing.
Potential sources of food poisoning from campylobis may be fatal in some cases.
The important thing is, high
Risk products like this are thoroughly cooked.
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