4 Direct Mail Printing Terms You Should Know

Posted by Martin Shirley on February 20th, 2020

Undoubtedly, direct mail printing is one of the most popular marketing strategies. As it helps you create the right brand impression in front of the audience, it is sought by a lot of businesses. However, when it comes to choosing a direct mail printing agency in MD, you need to be careful. From knowing the terminology used in the printing field to the kind of equipment they use, you need to know them all. This will ensure that you can check the progress of your printing production.

Here are some of the important terms used in printing that you should know about:

1. Back slant

One of the first terms you are likely to come across in printing is the back slant. For the unaware, the “back slant” is a term used to denote the leftward alignment of the form. Since it is the opposite of some of the popular Italic font that has a right slant, it got its name. Depending on your brand and business requirements, you can choose whether you need a back slant on your direct mails or not. If you don’t, then you can select a different font.

2. Accordion fold

If you are witnessing the direct mail production as a beginner, chances are that you may not know what this term means. The Accordion fold is a six-panel back and front fold that comes with different types of materials. It has a parallel fold that is present in the opposite directions. This panel has some of the fine details engraved differently. As a result, this arrangement resembles an accordion-style pattern and hence it got the name.

3. Blind image

In direct mail printing, you should have information about the blind image. This term is popularly used to signify the different kinds of graphics, images, and art forms that are either embossed or stamped on the direct mail. These images are not printed by using any form of ink or foil making it a reason to get this name. If you plan to get some images or graphics printed on your direct mail cards, you should ask the agency whether they will be printed as a blind image or not.

4. Camera-ready copy

Finally, you should have information about what a camera-ready copy means. Popularly known as finished art, a camera-ready copy is when the images on the direct mail are produced to meet the technical requirements of printing. This is a stage in the process when all the graphics are ready to be printed. As printing agencies require to make different changes in the machines, they need the best results to proceed further.

To get the best direct mail in MD, reach out to various printing agencies on the web.

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