Path of Exile: Future Development Prediction

Posted by Cadencealida on February 20th, 2020

MMO is a fun game. As long as the number of players is stable, the only thing that may end is the decision of the developer. In this way, they are truly endless. Similarly, if they don't have enough players to play, then they will never leave the ground in the first place. The Path of Exile has been running for seven years and its success is largely due to its fan base. At the same time, there are website support like, players can Buy POE Exalted Orb at a cheap price, improve the player's gaming experience, and promote the better development of the Path of Exile.

To emphasize this, the game began in 2020 with a new expansion and challenge league, the Metamorph League. With new and updated mechanics and features, the game still excels. But Grinding Gear Games' plans go far beyond that. They plan four expansions each quarter of each year! This is more opportunity to take risks and collect PoE balls. More challenges are waiting for you! Let's take a look at our expectations for GGG.

Path of Exile 2

Unfortunately, the Path of Exile 2 will not be released this year. Don't worry, development is still ongoing. Beta testing may begin later this year. It may be in the second half of the year, so it will take some time. You can rest assured that its development is still in progress and will be released soon. how long? It depends on the progress of the process!

Path of Exile 2 is not an independent game. It works effectively as a game's 4.0.0 patch. It will feature a brand new campaign, a new physics engine, and better graphics. The characters you use on the former are not used on the latter. You must create a new one. Fortunately, any micro-transaction PoE items you have previously purchased will be retained.

PoE mobile version?

You can also expect news about the Path of Exile mobile port. They will decide whether to release the port. As it stands, it's still experimental and developers haven't decided what it is yet. When they finally figure it out, you can look forward to the news. Be patient!

If you consider the catastrophic reaction to the Diablo mobile port, you can forgive them for being cautious about it. Things may be different, but you can't deny the fear that the same thing will happen when trying a similar operation. Again, you cannot predict how people will react. In any case, we will receive news about this sooner or later.

in conclusion

2020 will be a bumper year for the Path of Exile. There are many expectations. The planned extensions, sequels, and possibly even mobile ports, are just a few of the fans preparing to buy. Anyone who likes this game will have enough energy to keep them busy for a year. Both veterans and newbies should expect better and better things. Players who Buy Exalted Orb at will enjoy a discounted price for better development of the Path of Exile.

This is a dynamic adventure and another year of successful PoE currency cultivation. Continue to enjoy the Path of Exile!

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