Benefits of Mobile Scanning Services Explored in Three Minutes

Posted by Foveonics Document Solutions on February 20th, 2020

It is normal for your workplace to accumulate a lot of documents over the years. At the same time, you may find yourself running out of storage space for those papers. Instead of buying more space or storage facilities, consider investing in mobile scanning services offered by document scanning professionals. They come to your workplace with their equipment, so you do not have to worry about bringing all papers to their facility.

Let’s outline more benefits of these services and why you should consider them:

  • Get a comprehensive turn-key scanning solution: The mobile scanning team has extensive experience with on-site scanning for different organizations, including government, pharmaceutical, educational, legal, and financial companies. When you choose a mobile scanning service, make sure that they are certified document imaging architects, with a complete team for scanning, preparing, indexing, quality assurance, and final delivery.
  • Secure: Service providers have company owned vehicles and a highly trained in-house staff that has passed stringent background checks. They will carefully prepare the documents for scanning, so you do not have to. This can include removing the bindings, staples, and fasteners, and raising the seals to make sure that all papers are scanned to the highest-quality.
  • High-quality equipment and quality assurance: Mobile scanning services utilize the latest and most advanced scanners to transform documents into digital copies. Some of their equipment can scan large format documents such as drawings and maps, and microfiche or microfilm.
  • Reliable storage: Some of the leading providers of mobile scanning services offer cloud-based document management to simplify your retrieval of scanned documents from the cloud. It is cost-effective, can easily be deployed, increase your security and regulatory compliance.
  • Easy to communicate with: Reputable providers of mobile scanning services have extensive resources to ensure the success of your digital transformation. You may contact them via online chat, video resources, and other means that can guarantee your involvement in the project.

Find a reliable mobile scanning service in your area to verify that they are a credible and trustworthy company, with years of experience in providing their solutions to organizations in your sector.

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Gregory DeTommaso is the VP Solution Sales at Foveonics Document Solutions. We are an innovator of document management software and services.  Having the expertise to assess and evaluate workflow processes, Foveonics designs, creates and implements solutions specific to our customers’ needs. At Foveonics Document Solutions we always keep our document scanning projects at the top-most priority.

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